Readings | 2023·1: Liu Cixin, Maugham, Erno, etc.

Dear readers, greetings. It's been a while since the last update. I've been busy with my own lifelong affair, and now it's settled. I'll take some time to update.

Just like the joke goes: "Get married when the pandemic is over." Now that the pandemic is over, we're getting married. After witnessing so many bitter tragedies in reality, being able to enter the realm of marriage can be considered true love.

January is mostly for reading novels, taking the time to read and calm oneself amidst busyness.

"Moon and Sixpence"#


The movie "The Mourning Witch of Inishowen" I watched some time ago had a plot similar to this novel. It doesn't matter what prompted Strickland's choices, what matters is that he actually followed through. If he were a friend of mine in real life, it would probably drive me crazy; but reading his story from an outsider's perspective, I can't help but feel a hint of admiration.

"A Girl's Memory"#


A woman can only achieve self-redemption through continuous education and reflection.

"A Man's Position"#


The life of a stubborn, cautious, self-deprecating father with a strong sense of self-esteem.

"A Woman's Story"#


A typical mother figure, stubborn, independent, and progressive. When Alzheimer's strikes, the strong woman becomes like a child.



The story is captivating from the beginning, with someone outside the door while the two are having an affair. Who is he? This suspense continues to drive the plot, although towards the end, the characters feel a bit one-sided.

"The Razor's Edge"#


The first book I read by Maugham, and it gave me the feeling of a mix between "The Great Gatsby" and "Siddhartha". Larry is in a similar time period as Gatsby, having also experienced war. Perhaps it is because he has seen too much life and death that he develops the same "enlightenment" as Siddhartha.

"April 1, 2018"#


The first short story I read by Liu Cixin, a short piece that can be read in ten minutes. The TV series adaptation of "The Three-Body Problem" has been popular recently, but after watching a few episodes, I felt the pace was a bit slow. Someone in the group recommended this book, so I flipped through it. The story is very short and presents Liu Cixin's vision of humanity's choices under future genetic modification. (By the way, if I remember correctly, the title is the day of my first love's breakup. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?)

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