◎2023 Photo taken during a half marathon

About the Blog#

I consider this place as a memo, recording thoughts and experiences. Therefore, the first reader of the blog is myself, and then others who are interested in it.

The name of the blog comes from "Ye Xing Yogurt," which is delicious and nutritious! It originated from a slogan created during an elementary school painting class, which is catchy.

The blog content mainly includes:

  • 📚 Read: Reading and notes (frequent)
  • 💡 Journal: I think, therefore I am (monthly updates)
  • 🎬 Film: Movies and TV shows (occasional)
  • 📝 Essay: Casual records of daily life (frequent)

More Platforms#

Slices of different platforms:

Some Principles#

  • Trustworthiness and punctuality
  • Sincerity and humility
  • Simplicity and usability

Things I Love#

Contact Me#

  • Email: Welcome to send me an email
  • Telegram: Let's chat together

Some Notes#

  • If accessing this blog is slow, please consider using a proxy or visit another blog
  • When opening some images on mobile devices, they will be downloaded directly instead of enlarged (especially for earlier images). This is because of the adjustment of Alibaba Cloud OSS policy. Images from domains that are not registered (the blogger does not intend to register) will be downloaded as attachments. For more details, please refer to the announcement
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