Analysis of Video Creation

Based on personal experience and references to the creative sharing of many creators (such as "Film and Television Hurricane" and "Polar Diary"), this article analyzes some high-frequency requirements for medium video creation, lists current solutions, or future desired solutions, for reference.


There is no clear definition of medium video, and this term has only been proposed in recent years. Based on the definitions of several platforms, medium videos are generally considered to be videos ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

Although this definition is relatively new, this type of content has actually existed for a long time. Take YouTube as an example. Although it is not marketed as a medium video platform, according to a report by Statista, the average duration of content on YouTube is 11.7 minutes, indicating that most of the content produced and consumed can be classified as medium videos (although in recent years, due to the pressure from TikTok, YouTube has also launched the short video product Shorts).

via Statista

Characteristics of Medium Videos#

Due to their short duration, short videos cannot convey much information and are more suitable for killing time and entertainment. Medium videos, on the other hand, have a longer duration and can accommodate more content, making them suitable as carriers of knowledge and experience.

Comparing the typical medium video platforms today, such as YouTube, Bilibili, Xigua Video, and Haokan Video, although some platforms have their own characteristics, such as Bilibili's parody of films and TV shows, the types of medium videos on these platforms can be broadly categorized as general knowledge, general interests, general lifestyle, and film and TV adaptations.

Compared to short videos, medium videos are more professional, have more storytelling elements, and have richer content. At the same time, the production cost is also higher.

Process of Medium Video Creation#

Unlike short videos, medium video creators generally require some professional knowledge and may even need a team. Therefore, aspects such as planning the theme, designing the story script, and team collaboration are more important.

Content Preparation#

Medium video creators need stronger storytelling and script design abilities. If they work in a team, online collaboration also needs to be considered.

Creator's NeedsSolutions
Unclear positioning, lack of inspirationProvide popular videos, recommend similar creators based on preferences, use trending topics, generate content using internet memes, short stories, stories from Zhihu, popular posts from Xiaohongshu, etc.
Have a theme in mind, but spend a lot of time searching for materialsProvide copyrighted materials, AI-assisted video adaptation for long videos, mark video material features, AI generate images, video clips, sound effects, stickers, etc.
Have some materials such as music and popular memes, but don't know how to create a storyAI recognizes and arranges scripts, supplements materials
Want to create adaptations based on popular videos or use certain clips from othersProvide a tool to download and remove watermarks from inputted links, extract audio, extract text, AI intelligently reference multiple content links for creation
Difficulty in script writingAI script writing, reference popular video manuscripts, recommend based on creative preferences
Time-consuming text reading, lack of emotional voice in AI voicesTTS (Text-to-Speech), simulated human voices
Collaborative script writingOnline collaboration tools

Content Production#

More sensitive to copyright, requires consistency in style, and streamlined review process.

Creator's NeedsSolutions
Importing subtitles, aligning subtitles, text-to-speechAutomatically recognize subtitles, align automatically, TTS, simulate human voices
Removing speech quirks during voice-overAutomatically recognize pauses, quirks, etc. and remove them with one click
Inconvenient to appear on camera during voice-overUse digital avatars or cartoon avatars as substitutes
Muting profanityAutomatically recognize and mark profanity, batch mute
Arranging and aligning materialsAutomatically align based on subtitles
Replacing low-quality materialsEstablish standards and mark clarity, logos, etc., AI enhance clarity, process logos
Matching music and sound effectsAutomatically recommend music and sound effects based on content and style, AI generate music and sound effects
Inserting stickers, funny clips, special memes, etc.One-click packaging strategy, package special effects, stickers, transitions, etc. based on content
Blurring or covering logos or private contentSelect and mark areas to be blurred or covered, AI automatically track and blur license plates and other private content
Selecting highlight clips for the beginning of the videoAutomatically identify and generate highlight clips based on the script and materials to increase viewer engagement
Inserting guiding behaviors at the end of the videoProvide templates for common guiding actions such as follow, share, etc., support customization
High output of general hot topics and general knowledge with low requirements and repetitive workAI manuscripts, video production based on strategy and arranged graphic materials
Consistency in styleSupport presets for opening and ending sequences, aspect ratios, sound, cover titles, etc.
Collaborative editing and communication of opinionsRecord different roles' processing, annotations, and manage revision history
Managing team resources such as logosTeam resource library
Video review (by leaders or clients)Share drafts through links, support online annotations and replies

Content Publishing#

Profit-oriented, simultaneous publishing on multiple platforms.

Creator's NeedsSolutions
Title, cover, descriptionAI generate based on content, provide customizable templates, and support presets for easy reuse
Copyright identificationOne-click analysis to determine if materials infringe copyright
How to gain more popularity?Recommend related tags, topics, activities, and hot topics
Marking key points in long videos with chapter divisionsSplit videos into chapters, add video markers
Grouping similar videos into collectionsCreate collections
Publishing on multiple platformsOne-click synchronization to multiple platforms
Different requirements for covers, titles, etc. on different platformsOne-click generation of covers in multiple sizes, titles and descriptions with different word count requirements

Content Management#

Data feedback guides future creations, managing proprietary resources.

Creator's NeedsSolutions
Logging in to different platforms to view dataOne platform to display distribution and interaction data
Key data guiding future creationsAnalysis of fan conversion videos, analysis of viewing sources, recommendations for similar creators
Managing historical materials and frequently used resourcesTeam storage space, support resource tagging
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