Log | 2024・6


  1. Physical examinations are like insurance. Most of the money is likely to be wasted, but as long as it is not wasted once, it is worth it.

  2. I am still young and eager to learn from excellent people around me and from afar. I often remind myself that most excellent people have their own personalities and viewpoints, and they will not easily agree with others. As long as they do not actually violate my principles, I can learn the good aspects from them.

  3. "Walking Out of the Gobi" is said to be good and recommended by many people. After reading the synopsis, it is the type I like, and the experiences are very similar to Yang Xiaokai's. It has been published in China, but there are some deletions, so I need to read the traditional Chinese version.

  4. The struggle between people and the government is a struggle between memory and forgetting. - Milan Kundera. I think of the classic line from "1984": "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past!" What we can do is record and then not forget.

  5. I saw a news story about several hikers who tried to cross a turbulent stream using ropes. Two of them were swept away and most likely died. While it's good to have a love for nature, we must also have a reverence for nature. Their method of crossing the river was incorrect. They attached the rope vertically to the river, which easily caused them to be swept away in a V shape, known as the "death V." The correct way to attach the rope should be diagonally.

  6. Expectation management is important, especially in social situations. I need to reflect on myself again.

  7. I watched a cool lecture on "The Godfather" and learned a lot. For example, when Frank betrayed the Corleone family, his older brother who came in with Michael was not being held hostage, but came voluntarily. The old-fashioned Sicilian mafia godfather was ten times more ruthless than Frank. The reason he came was because he heard that Frank was going to cooperate with the police, which is an act of betrayal and a violation of the thousand-year-old code of silence. This is a more serious matter than death, and it may even be met with contempt or retaliation from other families.

  8. The most popular activity in the local area during the summer is searching for "summer solstice mushrooms" (chicken mushroom). The reason it has become popular is due to its high price and delicious taste, but what really drives it to become a phenomenon is its social and fashionable attributes. When people meet, the first thing they say is, "Have you eaten summer solstice mushrooms?" Even those who are not short of money consider participating, otherwise they will be considered backward, and people are worried about falling behind.

  9. Goethe has a quote that resonates with me: "My works are not written for the masses, but for a few like-minded individuals." With this mindset, the heart will be much calmer.

  10. When Marquis de Custine visited, the British side tried to show equality as much as possible, but in the translated version received by the emperor, it became a tone of low status. Interestingly, at that time, the Qing court did not allow foreigners to learn Chinese. Why? One reason was that you wouldn't know how the Qing court would translate your content. They took advantage of this, which is self-deception and self-indulgence, right?

  11. Wulujia's father, a graduate of Xiamen University in the 1950s, Department of Chemistry, is in his eighties and still records life and writes blogs. The content of the blog is very rich, and I really like these sincere and storytelling stories. I admire it. Blog:

  12. Zheng Guozi Chan has great wisdom: Public grievances are like a great river. Although the embankments are dense, once they break, it is unknown how many people will be harmed. At that time, it will be too late for rescue. It is better to leave some small outlets for it to vent. It is better to let me hear slander and use it as medicine.

  13. Some people blame Goethe for not participating in the Napoleonic Wars. Goethe's response is interesting: How can I pick up weapons if I have no hatred?

  14. Hu Youping, a woman from Suzhou, bravely saved someone's life but was fatally injured herself. Because the person she saved was Japanese, she would definitely face a lot of criticism and public opinion, and the harm caused by these opinions would inevitably be transferred to her family, especially the older generation... In the current educational environment, it has bred many brainless people who hate Japan. They don't even know whether they should hate the Japanese soldiers of the militarist era or the ordinary Japanese people of today. But fortunately, it has also cultivated kind-hearted people like Hu Youping. What is sad is that the latter is suffering from the consequences of this education.

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