Log | 2024・5


  1. Socialism chooses planned economy, which means abandoning rational economy.

  2. When a person loses reason, they gain another kind of freedom - freedom without constraints. Similarly, when a person gives up thinking, they will also gain a similar freedom.

  3. Writing concisely is an important skill. Some platforms require a certain number of words to be written in order to achieve certain things, which is a bit unreasonable.

  4. If you treat people like machines, they will show you. That's how it goes.

  5. Samsung made an advertisement to mock iPad Pro's compressor advertisement, the effect is quite good. It would have been even better if it had been before Apple's advertisement, otherwise this ad is just a copycat, which is very low.

  6. Reading is using knowledge beyond what is known to overcome the barriers of ignorance.

  7. Institution: In a general sense, it refers to a series of norms and principles that people generate in social interactions. Relationships can to a certain extent replace institutions, and some things that were originally operated through institutions can now be operated through relationships - some interactions in relationships have become widely known default principles. This is especially true in China.

  8. Shaving with a manual razor is very pleasant, giving a sense of mowing grass. The feeling of the beard being shaved off is directly transmitted to the hand, which is different from the feeling of an electric shaver with a layer of mechanical vibration in between. It's like the difference between driving a car and riding a bike. When riding a bike, the wind brushes against the cheeks and arms, the heat of sweat is dried by the wind, the vaporization of sweat brings a slight coolness, and the skin truly feels the surrounding scenery. This feeling cannot be achieved when driving a car.

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