Log | 2024.4


  1. Clarify your own position, say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done, and don't worry about unnecessary things. Many elderly people cannot clarify their position and want to control everything, which leads to intergenerational conflicts.

  2. The money borrowed before will become the bargaining chip for the next borrowing. So, don't borrow money easily. Be cautious of people who borrow small amounts of money, because they may accumulate your trust and then borrow a large amount without repaying you.

  3. If you cannot achieve financial freedom for the time being, then strive for spiritual freedom first.

  4. In a team, it is important to know what you are doing and where you want to go.

  5. When it comes to buying a house or renting, the biggest concern with renting is the insecurity in old age. But is it worth investing the best 20 or 30 years of your life for the uncertainty of the next 40 or 50 years?

  6. I have found that some people like to say that others are "procrastinating," especially people close to them. This is a typical way of judging others, imposing their own standards on others, and calling them "procrastinators" when they don't meet their expectations. A common example is urging someone to take a shower.

  7. There are many children receiving massages at health clinics, supposedly due to various problems. One thought: since these so-called problems are common, does that mean they are not really problems? Of course, I don't know the proportion of children receiving massages, so this is just a thought.

  8. In Zhang Ailing's "Yangge," she cleverly projects her observations and predictions onto a collective event in the countryside. If you consider her as a simple romance novel author, you would underestimate her. Her insight and writing skills are beyond doubt.

  9. There is a discussion on social media: Keep things secret and avoid leaking information. The general idea is that if you keep things secret, it is less likely to fail. This may be what the elderly refer to as "making a fortune in silence," but in reality, I don't like this style of doing things, nor do I like dealing with people like this. Chen Guanxi had a previous interview, and there was a segment that left a deep impression on me. He mentioned his feelings in Asia compared to Los Angeles, saying that in Asia, if you have a good idea, you would keep it to yourself, afraid of others knowing. But in Los Angeles, everyone would share their ideas and discuss how to make them better. In terms of interacting with others, I prefer the latter.

  10. Before listening to a child's heartbeat, the head of the pediatrics department warms the stethoscope with their hands to avoid the cold machine touching the child's chest or back. I have never seen such a meticulous and warm-hearted action from other doctors.

  11. I really admire Wang Zengqi's attitude. When he had a toothache, he heard that nuns could cure it. After saving up some money, he went there only to find out that the nun was out. He happily turned around and used the money to drink and eat meat.

  12. Shen Congwen has a profound insight into novels: Write closely about the characters; don't mix in commentary.

  13. A user on a social media platform described the feeling after finishing a novel, which is beautiful: when you finish reading a novel, if it's dusk, when you look outside, it feels like you have walked out of a movie theater after the end of a movie. The vivid characters gradually fade away behind you, whether they are beautiful or ugly, and eventually end up in their own Siberia. Most likely, it's a reader's own interpretation.

  14. Any moral principle must be applied to specific situations to be meaningful, and each situation has its own details and context, which are not exactly the same. As mentally mature adults, we must see the differences between seemingly similar things.

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