Log | 2024・3


  1. To create, not to summarize, not to record.

  2. Saw a pun: "rush to Beijing for a roast." You think it's about fulfilling dreams, but it ends up being someone else's meal (roast duck).

  3. There are two types of work: one is for survival, for food, ultimately for freedom; the other is to realize one's own value through work. The vast majority of people belong to the former. If a job keeps you too busy to eat, or even makes you uncomfortable, contradicting the ultimate goal, what is there to cling to?

  4. The deeper the combination of religion and political power, the more terrifying it becomes. Once politics and religion are combined, it is inevitable to treat non-believers harshly and to avoid disputes and wars. Religious thoughts are absolute, while the state is a tool of violence. Once an absolute idea is combined with a tool of violence, it means "absolute idea + absolute violence." (Yang Feiyu) Just like this saying: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  5. Those who know what they want and what they are doing are likely to produce products that are not inferior.

  6. The cleaning lady came at eleven, she said she was a cleaning lady, but she looked like a woman in her thirties. We made eye contact, didn't speak, she continued to clean the kitchen, and I went to the bathroom to wash up. I took a long time to wash my hair, after she finished the kitchen, she knocked on the door, I opened it and asked her to wait. After finishing washing up, I saw her playing with her phone at the front door, I hurriedly went back into the room, and only opened the door after she finished all the cleaning and left. I think not meeting face-to-face might be the kindness I can offer.

  7. People with power are prone to abusing it, the same goes for those with magic, and AI as well.

  8. We need people who work diligently, as well as those who can promote and package, but they should not hold too much malice towards each other.

  9. Extremely rare events, usually called impossible events, when impossible events occur, there is usually an unexpected possibility.

  10. Many people judge things based on the perfection of the results, but many things cannot be done perfectly. Truly doing it, and achieving results, is already remarkable.

  11. Let's set off, the road is full of possibilities.

  12. It's almost Qingming Festival, burn some money for the ancestors below, hoping that the people above will burn some for us who have no money.

  13. Introducing new concepts is not difficult, what is difficult is breaking free from old concepts. I deeply agree.

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