Log | 2024・2


  1. About gatherings: Speaking the truth in small gatherings, speaking clichés in large gatherings.

  2. Now, with several major ways humans interact with the world, AI's capabilities can already create realistic visual and auditory experiences. Looking ahead, it may even be possible to enter a virtual world to experience life... However, behind AI lies immense computing power, and behind that lies vast resources, all at the cost of the environment—unless, in the future, nuclear energy can safely and stably replace current energy sources.

  3. At the airport, I saw Meizu had a large banner advertisement: All in AI. At first, I didn't believe it was the Meizu I remembered, but after carefully looking at the logo, I was surprised to confirm that it was indeed the same Meizu that makes phones. I thought to myself, this company is doomed, trying to ride this trend without understanding its own positioning. Their phones haven't been used for many years, so I won't comment on that, but the backend of the app store they distribute is full of bugs, like crap, hasn't been maintained for a hundred years, and they expect to have the capability to do AI?

  4. The commonality of individual things moving towards essence, specific images tending towards abstract universality.

  5. An example of the importance of choice over effort is choosing a fast-growing track. Even if you are not very diligent and your abilities are not outstanding, a few years later, your market value will still be high because the industry is rapidly developing, and you are simply in the industry.

  6. In many years, the pursuit of eternal life for the human body will become insignificant.

  7. If you haven't picked up a hobby in a long time, haven't had time to do your own things, you may be in a state of anxiety, which is not good. You need to stop and reflect on whether you are worth continuing like this.

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