Log | 2024・1


  1. Highly opaque operations bring extreme distrust. Public mockery after disclosure indicates a loss of credibility. (Regarding the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission disclosing the annual salary of central enterprise leaders)

  2. Recently, after wearing a Xiaomi smart bracelet for a while, I found that every time I shower, it would accidentally trigger the "find phone" function due to the water from the shower head, startling me several times. I confirm that the people who made this product would not use it in real life, otherwise such obvious user experience issues would not occur. Products made by those who do not use their own products are not worth using.

  3. In recent years, I rarely open my social media feed, and the most common action when browsing is not liking or commenting, but rather long-pressing on a profile picture and selecting "hide posts from this person" - indicating that true friends are actually few. Many behaviors are starting to lean towards subtraction.

  4. The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he's in prison. The role of ideological control applies to prisons as well as countries.

  5. Help the urgent, not the poor, not the gambler. Poverty cannot be solved with just a little money; gambling cannot be stopped with just a little money.

  6. Hosting a banquet is a complex matter with many participants, and it's impossible to ensure everyone is satisfied. Therefore, taking care of the feelings of the key people is sufficient.

  7. Why obsess over being remembered by others? Remember, shortly after you die, those who remember you will also pass away.

  8. Are you enthusiastic about buying cheap substitute products because you enjoy the pleasure of contrast? Low price does not necessarily mean low quality.

  9. Prejudice objectively exists, what's important is reflection and a functioning error correction mechanism.

  10. Do not prefer to believe in your shallow experience over rigorous logical reasoning.

  11. Rich knowledge is the foundation of innovation, but improper use can also lead us into a state of "confirmation bias".

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