Log | 2023・12



  • Before Google acquired DeepMind, Jeff Dean looked at the company's code for 15 minutes and then made the decision to acquire it because he believed it was a product made by "people who know what they are doing".


  • Recently, Telegram introduced the quote feature, an upgraded version of the quote and forward feature. It allows users to quote specific words and even cross-reference across channels/groups, which is extremely convenient for users. However, there are risks for the quoted individuals: 1) Quoted individuals are unaware of being quoted; 2) If the original text is modified, the quote will not be updated, which means that if immature content is forwarded/quoted and causes controversy, when the author tries to clarify, there will be no indication on the quoted content, and misunderstandings and disputes will not be alleviated. - Of course, currently there are no products that do this well.


  • The most annoying type of people at a gathering are those who call for a meal but wait for others to pay the bill. Not having a day off on New Year's Eve is just like this kind of operation.
  • When the blacklist grows to a certain extent, it loses its meaning.


  • Many people like to test the people they care about with certain questions. However, no matter what the answer is, the end result will not be good. Just like what "Cicada Girl" said: when you want to test the hardness of a piece of glass, the glass is destined to break. Once doubt arises, the accusation has already been made.


  • Regarding artificial intelligence, what I am most looking forward to is its application in medicine. Simple applications such as inputting a medical report or image and analyzing and providing results, or complex applications such as performing surgeries. However, it seems that we have not seen such applications yet.
  • When you say east, he says west. When you say A, he says B. It's best to stay away from this kind of person, otherwise there will be endless troubles.


  • Zhu Ling has passed away. It is better to say less about self-consoling phrases like "good will be rewarded, and evil will be punished". This case itself is very clear, but when it is wrapped in a layer of Chinese characteristics, it becomes complicated. This experience is destined to become a fable that will be remembered and passed down.


  • I found this blog (Lu Changhai) has a category called "Micro Thoughts", updated about once a month, recording some scattered thoughts. It's like a standalone version of Weibo. My blog's "Log" is similar in meaning.


  • There are rumors that is going to be sold to ByteDance. The atmosphere in the group is: congratulations to a friend from In just a few years, a decent job in the eyes of Hangzhou parents may change hands.


  • Recently, I have been in a state of "can't sleep at night, can't wake up in the morning". I couldn't fall asleep until after 2 o'clock for several days, no matter what method I tried. So I decided to read, and unexpectedly, the more I read, the more energetic I became.


  • The shoes are not broken, but the insoles are. It greatly affects the comfort of the feet. In the past, I would have just replaced the shoes, but this time I thought, why not try replacing the insoles? I found insoles of the same type of shoes online, and after replacing them, they unexpectedly fit well and are comfortable to wear. - Being poor really stimulates more possibilities.


  • Sociology books can bring two kinds of reading pleasure: understanding new things and theoretical analysis frameworks. For someone like me who likes to analyze everything, encountering an interesting sociology book can truly bring double enjoyment.


  • Every decision is based on the understanding at the moment. Don't try to change past decisions, but change your understanding. Don't give up on understanding - this is the most important quality of the Survey Corps Commander in "Attack on Titan". When Hanji entrusted the position of commander to Armin, she also emphasized Armin's quality of never giving up on understanding.


  • Zhu Ling was very unlucky. The truth about her poisoning may never come to light. Firstly, it happened a long time ago. Secondly, the background of the culprit may be too powerful. Thirdly, this is a shameful matter, and no matter what organization, they would not want to bring it up again.
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