Log | 2023.11

title: Log | 2023-11
date: 2023-12-01T20:53:28+08:00
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  • If something someone says makes me feel like "I've thought about it but can't express it accurately," it means I haven't thought deeply enough. Just like many things, if they cannot be broken down or measured with data, it means I haven't thought thoroughly enough.


  • Learned two new tricks for reading arxiv PDF papers: 1) Replacing the "x" in the domain name with "5" will redirect to the HTML version; 2) Replacing the "v" in the domain name with "w" will redirect to an AI Chat with PDF version.


  • Wang Gang received backlash and had to apologize for making egg fried rice. Wang Gang said, as a chef, he will never make egg fried rice again and will not post related videos. This turned a magical incident into an unnecessary comedic height.


  • Nails puncture tires, usually the right rear tire. Why? Because cars drive on the right side of the road, and nails usually lie on the roadside. After being pressed by the front tire, the nail flips up, causing the rear tire to be punctured. Some things may seem accidental, but upon careful consideration, there is some logic behind them.


  • Jack Ma has a very realistic and in-depth view of China. He said that 996 is the "blessing" that many people want but cannot obtain. Although criticized by many office workers, if you observe the lower-level laborers, you will realize how true this statement is. In recent years, with the poor economy, many people cannot work normally. I have heard complaints like: "Why are there so few orders this month? I only worked for a little over ten days this month." "I finished work at five o'clock today, and there's no more work..." Essentially, what they need is stable and continuous income, and the "blessing" mentioned by Jack Ma is indeed the job they desire. 600 million people earn less than 1000 yuan, which is not deceiving.


  • Weather for knife-cut noodles: In this kind of weather, the wind cuts the face like a knife.


  • While chatting with a colleague, he complained that in the past six months, he could clearly feel that the product was too far away from the users. He added, "It's too close to the boss." The underlying meaning is clear. This statement reminded me of the director Xie Jin's film "Hibiscus Town." Tang Guoqiang, who played the second-generation Red Guard, completed his transformation after experiencing the war. Faced with his mother's various networking and complaints, he said the same words: "These years, you have been away from the war for too long, and we have been away from the people for too long."


  • Fear and desire are the driving forces behind people's actions.


  • I saw an interview with Song Dandan, where she was asked if she would still perform skits. She said she wouldn't because she wants to disappear and move on, not wanting to be booed by the audience. This is the attitude one should have. I also hope to adhere to this principle, to leave when it's time to leave, and let go when it's time to let go.


  • George Orwell is a pen name, and his experience in the Spanish Civil War established his political stance.


  • One of the most effective ways to cultivate good habits is to join a culture where the behavior you prefer is considered normal. - "The Power of Habit." This is similar to why communities are established.
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