Log | 2023・10



  • Couldn't understand the podcast, talked about Li Keqiang's matter, one point mentioned was that the massive mourning activities not only reflected the people's nostalgia for Li Keqiang, but also reflected the people's dissatisfaction with the current situation.


  • Currency is personal wealth in the present, while credit is personal wealth in the future.


  • Things in the new era should not be measured by the standards of the old era.


  • Brain dump, feels a bit like intermittent diary.


  • Eye protection stickers are promoted on the railway. The routine is like this: our eye protection stickers contain various precious Chinese medicines, and then various symptoms are listed, and various medicinal materials are targeted for treatment. It seems that various medicinal materials know how to command, once applied, they each go to treat various symptoms.


  • How to identify the gender of a chick, look at the feathers on the wings, if they are arranged side by side, it is male, if they are alternating in length, it is female.


  • The three principles of ancient Chinese architecture: righteousness, utilization, and well-being, emphasizing that architecture is for the use of living people. "The construction of the palace is originally for the convenience of living people" as mentioned in "The History of the Northern Dynasties".


  • When opening images on the mobile side of xlog blog, they are not enlarged but downloaded. It turns out that it is due to the adjustment of Aliyun's policy on returning headers for web/image/video type files. However, when I checked the custom domain name configuration, I found that only domain names with domestic records can be configured, so forget it.


  • I haven't read many best-selling books, but my attitude towards them is that if everyone says they are good, then there must be something worth taking.


  • After the publication of "Animal Farm," Orwell was busy moving the book from children's literature to adult literature in bookstores. Some books published by domestic publishers make people want to move them from adult literature to children's literature.


  • Starting a speech with "extremist theory" at the beginning is most likely really extremist theory. Because he has already used "extremist theory" as a shield, he can express extremist theories under the shield with peace of mind. Even if someone comes to argue, he can refute by saying: see, I already stated it in advance.
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