Log | 2023・9

title: Journal | 2023-09
date: 2023-10-01T16:43:00+08:00
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    description: September journal.
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  • Metaphor is a very useful technique that can transfer existing extensive knowledge from one semantic context to another, allowing people to easily and even unconsciously cross the bridge of concepts.


  • People with bad breath find it difficult to notice their own bad breath.


  • The knowledge in books is generally a few years behind, but because it is relatively systematic and complete, it can serve as a framework for knowledge. By understanding the framework and filling in the details, one can systematically grasp a certain field.


  • Develop the habit of self-research and don't turn work into something that others ask you to do.


  • Some people are easily aroused by collective honor, until this collective honor is built on their pain.


  • It is unimaginable to me that an asynchronous video tool (Loom) can be a successful enterprise product. Upon reflection, it is because I am confined to the current office culture in China. In foreign countries, email communication is advocated, which is inherently asynchronous. The video format can better convey information. When the cost of recording a video is similar to editing a document, such a tool has great potential.


  • It is so terrifying for a business leader to not understand the business they are in and not be prepared for what they want to do. It is a waste of position.


  • Restoring a phone is always torture, especially WeChat. This time, I directly abandoned all files and videos, only choosing text records, which feels much better.


  • Do not rely on the wisdom of the crowd. Don't think others are foolish, and don't think you are clever.


  • Google Tasks unexpectedly launched a web version. If you don't look carefully, you won't know. It is suitable as a lightweight to-do list and can also be embedded in Obsidian.


  • When something is excessively valued, it becomes worthless, and when something is excessively devalued, it becomes valuable. What is highly valued becomes like dung, and what is highly devalued becomes like precious gems. - "Records of the Grand Historian"


  • The indicator for evaluating kidney function is the glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). It is measured in mL/min/1.73 m^2. A value greater than 60 is considered basically normal, while a value lower than 60 indicates impaired kidney function.


  • People who lack logical training tend to make assumptions and draw one-sided conclusions based on their experiences.


  • People who have thought through their ideas often express them concisely, while those who haven't thought through their ideas try to conceal their confusion with verbose language.


  • Many people don't have time to read or seek knowledge because they are already giving their all for survival. Their work consumes all their energy, especially for farmers. They are spiritually impoverished and live in poverty. Poverty is both a cause and a consequence.


  • Most people would rather choose to believe than make judgments because belief is easy, while judgment is difficult.


  • The work of ideology is to determine what the masses see and hear, and thereby influence what they think and believe, ultimately shaping what they say and do.
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