Never had a good impression of doctors.


I have never had a good impression of doctors. My disgust has accumulated from my own experiences.

Not to mention the past, let's talk about this year. In April, my father went to Hospital A because of coughing and fever. They didn't find any problems and the doctor recommended intravenous therapy.

After three days of intravenous therapy, there was almost no improvement in symptoms. So we urged for further examination, and were later informed that there were kidney stones, but the cause of abdominal pain was still unknown. I quickly transferred to Hospital B.

Hospital B conducted a new round of examinations, confirming the presence of kidney stones and peritonitis, but the cause of peritonitis was still unclear. So, I underwent two additional contrast-enhanced CT scans (note that this is not an ordinary CT scan that costs a few hundred yuan, but a contrast-enhanced CT scan that costs several thousand yuan each time). Still, no cause was found, so a biopsy was performed and a catheter was inserted to drain the abdominal fluid. The biopsy results did not show any abnormalities, which was a good thing, at least it proved that there was no cancerous transformation.

Why drain the abdominal fluid? Because peritonitis cannot be treated with surgery, and there is a risk of infecting the kidneys. The abdominal fluid was drained for three days, and things seemed to be moving in a positive direction. However, when we were ready for surgery, the doctor informed us that the right kidney had almost lost its function and would most likely need to be removed. The current hospital either had to pay for an external specialist or transfer to another hospital to perform this major surgery. My head was buzzing, it was already the ninth day of hospitalization, and you're telling me now that you can't do it!?

Considering the surgical environment and postoperative care, I quickly transferred to Hospital C, a higher-level hospital. After a similar round of examinations, almost the same conclusion was reached. After a series of examinations and anti-inflammatory treatment, on the eighth day of hospitalization, my elderly father was pushed into the operating room.

During the surgery, I was called in halfway through, and I nervously thought it was a critical condition notification. Fortunately, it wasn't. The reason I was called in was because after opening the abdominal cavity, it was found that the inflammation was still severe and the risk was too high. It was recommended to interrupt the surgery, insert a kidney fistula tube, and observe for a few months before reevaluation to see if the conditions for surgery are met.

Until now, my father still has a tube inserted...

I'm not saying all this to hate doctors, but it's simply that the doctors I have come into contact with have hardly given me a good impression. Based on the experiences mentioned above, how can I forgive the doctor who didn't find the cause even after several days of intravenous therapy? How can I forgive the doctor who couldn't perform the surgery and delayed it for so long? I can forgive the energy, time, and money spent during this period, but as for the benevolence of doctors, how many doctors truly possess it?

The famous medical drama "White Tower" depicts Ryojiro Zaizen, who always puts the patients first. However, he only exists in novels and on television. Even if I were to encounter a doctor like Gakuin Saiga, it would be a good thing for real patients. However, I have never encountered such a doctor in reality.

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