Zoo Memories


I have never liked going to the zoo. The only time I went to the zoo was over a decade ago.

During that visit, we saw beautiful peacocks, majestic tigers, and various creepy snakes... Unlike on TV, they were all kept in cages or glass enclosures. The once vibrant peacocks moved weakly back and forth, and the tigers lay motionless. The cobras curled up, lacking any attacking power...

The stark contrast left a deep impression on me - they lived in such a "paradise" with abundant food, yet they didn't seem happy.

We also watched a dolphin show, a harmonious scene that touched everyone present. As an inexperienced elementary school student, I couldn't help but approach the front row, curiously observing these magnificent marine creatures. They were so elegant, and their coordination with the staff was perfect.

Then we went to an open area where a series of animal performances were taking place. Elephants riding on wheels, monkeys riding bicycles... I was amazed by the intelligence of these animals. How clever they were! As the show approached its end, the audience began to leave. However, I remained seated, eagerly anticipating what other interesting performances there might be, my eyes fixed on the backstage of the stage. It was at this moment that I witnessed a scene I will never forget - the animal trainer was directing the animals back to their enclosures. Some horses and monkeys failed to keep up with the group and were rudely kicked in the buttocks by the trainer, who shouted something in a dialect I couldn't understand, while waving a whip...

I was stunned in that instant. Were these the same humans who had just performed harmoniously with the animals, wearing smiles on their faces? Less than ten minutes ago, I envied the harmonious relationship between them and the animals, but behind that harmony were rough punches and whips.

The animals, after being kicked, did not show the wildness that they should have when violated. Instead, they lowered their heads and returned to the group as if everything was ordinary.

The submissive animals and the arrogant trainer, they were forever etched in my mind. Since then, I have never visited any zoo again, nor have I paid to watch any animal performances.

The incident of the "Iron Chain Woman" in Feng County, Xuzhou, reminded me of this experience once again. The way she looked at strangers was so familiar.

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