Choice, you are free.

I don't like to disturb others casually, and I also don't like others disturbing me casually. Therefore, I am particularly cautious about behaviors that may affect others, such as posting on social media.

When a post is made on social media, it means that friends may see it, and I feel that this post is not applicable to everyone, it is a kind of interference for those people, so I feel pressured. This pressure has been slightly reduced after grouping friends on social media and using the function of blocking each other's posts, because both the sender and the recipient have more freedom of choice.

Relatively speaking, I like the way Telegram channels work. If you like it, you subscribe; if you don't like it, you unsubscribe. Channels allow comments and reactions, and basically maintain all the emojis provided by the original function, except for 🤮, which is closed because it makes me physically uncomfortable. Therefore, readers can like, dislike, or be angry, you are free.

I think this mode is normal and reasonable. I write what I want, and whether you find it useful or not, you can express it fully, but please don't be disrespectful. A person's expression does not require it to be meaningful, but at least it should be reasonable.

Otherwise, please unsubscribe or accept being blocked. After all, I don't eat at your house, and you don't eat at mine.

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