Will Li Jiaqi be the last one?


First of all, I want to apologize for the pun.

During the Shanghai epidemic, some people refused to undergo forced isolation. Under the threat of the police "affecting three generations," the youth shouted that this is our "last generation." Li Jiaqi's live stream was suddenly cut off, could this be his "last live"?

Last generation, this cry is so resolute, yet so ironic.

And why not the last live?

There are three possible explanations for Li Jiaqi's accident:

  • People in his team have no concept of the tank metaphor during this period
  • They were deliberately manipulated by others with the aim of bringing Li Jiaqi down
  • It was done intentionally by Li Jiaqi or someone in his team

First, let's rule out the third possibility, because no one would have a problem with money and doing so would undoubtedly ruin their reputation, even sending themselves to their own grave. Then there are the first two possibilities, which share a common premise - the relevant people indeed have no knowledge of the tank metaphor. The second possibility adds some additional conditions - the conspirator meticulously planned and executed this conspiracy, making it quite difficult to achieve. Therefore, I lean towards the first possibility.

Today, I discussed this matter with my colleague and mentioned the tank. However, he didn't know what the tank symbolized and only understood after I explained it to him. Therefore, I am even more convinced of the first possibility because - if a matter is not reported in the news and no one around you talks about it, without an opportunity, it is highly unlikely that you would know about it.

Based on my years of experience, the majority of people are unaware, indicating that the handling of this matter has achieved the desired effect.

Li Jiaqi's incident has given many people a wonderful opportunity, and they will now understand another piece of history and enter a world that overturns the past.

If it is indeed the first possibility, then the whole matter seems very magical. You don't know about this matter because you have no way of knowing. Because you don't know, it is inevitable that you will encounter this matter. After an unlucky person encounters it, they will be punished, but they will have no idea why they are being punished because they have no way to inquire and no one to inform them. That's the kind of thing that doesn't exist, but actually exists.

There are probably many more strange things like this that we don't know about, and many more unlucky people like this.

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