Fascinated by reality

Recently, I watched "No Holds Barred," a Hong Kong variety show from the 1990s. It was hosted by three "old men" - Wong Jim, Ni Kuang, and Chua Lam - and featured late-night discussions with popular celebrities.

Just by looking at the title "No Holds Barred," you can tell how explosive the topics of the show were. And it was indeed true. Those "untouchable" movie stars on the screen were lying or sitting on the show, holding red wine or even smoking, just like chatting with neighbors, relaxed, comfortable, and real.

During that time, popular celebrities like Joey Wong and Brigitte Lin showed a rare and genuine side of themselves under the pursuit of these three talented hosts.

Recommended by @Nickilism, I have also been reading the biography of Vincent van Gogh, "Lust for Life." Van Gogh was also someone who pursued the truth. He preferred to paint worn-out women who were working rather than neatly dressed aristocrats, because the latter seemed lifeless like paper dolls. He was passionate, unrestrained, and straightforward, both in his interactions with people and in his approach to things.

He infused these qualities into his life and into his artwork. Looking at his paintings, it is easy to be moved by their genuine and fervent nature.

Let go of falsehood and show your true side; go out and genuinely connect with others as individuals.

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