Lu Xun mentioned a joke in "Random Flip". When he was twenty years old, he heard that "our" Genghis Khan conquered Europe, which was the most extravagant era for "us". It wasn't until he was twenty-five that he realized that this so-called most extravagant era of "ours" was actually when the Mongols conquered China and we became slaves.

Later, Lu Xun wanted to look up some stories, so he went to read Mongolian history and found that the previous statement was not accurate either. Because Genghis Khan first invaded Europe and then conquered China. So when Genghis Khan conquered Europe, he was not yet "our Khan", but the Russians had been slaves longer than us, so they should say "our Genghis Khan conquered China, it was our most extravagant era".

Then he sighed and said that he still had to read some reliable history books, but looking around, there are no reliable ones in China, either truncated or incorrect. He had to use Japanese translations of "World History Tutorial" and "Chinese Social History" as a temporary solution.

At the end of the article, Lu Xun shouted: If you want to translate, translate it completely; don't truncate, if you want to truncate, you have to declare it, but it's best to translate carefully and completely, think for the author and the readers.


After saying so much, I finally come to the theme I want to express: Do not truncate!

Books are truncated, movies are truncated, and music is also truncated. Even if it is truncated, there is no declaration of where it is truncated. If it is not done well, it will confuse the readers and the audience, and finally leave a sentence──this is all for your own good.

This is all for your own good──a naked authoritarian mode.

In the past, when parents said this, children would obediently accept it; little did they know that today's young people have grown up, they have more choices, and they will resist.

Let there be more resistance. Let them realize that they need to learn to think for us, think for the author.

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