Interesting Mindset Differences

Tonight, when I was accompanying Ding Sha back home after training, she talked to me about something. She said that some departments in their school are relatively inefficient. My first reaction was whether they had considered the root of the problem, whether it was the fault of the counselors or the student union.

Then it became awkward, as if we couldn't continue the conversation. Then she told me that she brought up this issue just to vent, and she hoped that the response she would receive would also be venting. However, I didn't respond as she expected. On the contrary, I started thinking about the reasons behind the problem from a different perspective. This led to the awkwardness.

Her honesty made me suddenly realize the problem.

Then, I shared with her a similar experience I had on a long-distance train journey. Once, a girl started chatting with me and mentioned a game that I was not familiar with. Since I didn't know much about it, my first reaction was to open a search engine and look up the game.

However, later on, the girl honestly told me that it was just a topic of conversation, and she didn't expect me to have a deep understanding of it. If I didn't know about it, it was actually a good starting point for a chat. But I took a different approach, facing the unfamiliar topic not through communication, but by exploring it on my own.

Deep down, I had an urge that I couldn't tolerate being unclear about something. This might be related to some of my thinking patterns and habits, including feeling insecure about things I don't understand and having a strong desire to explore unfamiliar fields. When faced with a problem, I hope to quickly find the root cause and solve it.

Actually, I'm still very grateful to Ding Sha and that girl for bringing up this issue. If they hadn't, I might have continued behaving the same way. I don't know who is right or wrong, but in certain situations, some of my actions are indeed inappropriate.

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