Resume took a while.

Recently, I heard a new term: "the resume is destroyed," which means changing companies too frequently, not staying at any company for long. When this happens, HR departments at big companies will judge the person as having a "destroyed resume," and they will be blocked for reasons like "instability."

Therefore, some experienced individuals will advise: even if you want to switch jobs, endure for at least two years before doing so.

HR departments can come up with countless reasons for doing this, such as not staying at a company for long enough, lacking stability; not being loyal enough to the company, these people cannot be hired; not being able to understand the business in a short period of time, lacking good business skills...

If people are judged and screened based solely on such a simple criterion, I think it is too hasty. This is a typical decision-making behavior of judging appearances without considering the essence. Not staying at any company for long is just an appearance. Without understanding the reasons behind it, only relying on what is seen, and then denying someone's past experiences, personal abilities, character, and values, isn't this biased?

Because of the existence of such implicit rules, those affected can only silently comply, otherwise they will be labeled and it will affect their future career paths.

Two years, neither long nor short, may be just the stage for most people to delve into the business. Neither too short nor too long, in two years, one can complete a master's degree, learn a skill. How many two-year periods can one have in life?

When accidentally joining a company that does not align with one's aspirations, but because of the fear of the "destroyed resume" curse, one endures for two years before leaving, isn't this being irresponsible to oneself and a waste of time for the company?

Those who have studied investments or understand gambling know a common sense: when realizing a mistake, withdraw early, the biggest loss is also the smallest loss. However, many people are bound by the so-called curse in the precious years of their lives, preferring to waste their time and energy rather than challenging the curse by stepping out.

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