Manipulation and control


A university, a surveillance video, and a sexual encounter in a public place. The leakage of a video, the dilemma of two young people, and the revelry of a group.

Recently, a surveillance video of a male and female engaging in sexual activity in a stairwell classroom at Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology has been widely circulated, sparking a lot of discussion. Some criticize the university's atmosphere, while others mock the individuals in the video. On social media, the focus is mainly on teasing the two parties involved, with numerous memes being created and spread. Furthermore, some individuals have even gone so far as to reveal the identities of the two people involved.

I am quite surprised that many people primarily blame the two individuals. In my opinion, the person responsible for the leakage is the real culprit, and the two parties involved are actually victims. We should not blindly criticize their immoral behavior, let alone spread or engage in doxxing.

From the occurrence to the subsequent developments, I believe we should consider the situation from the perspectives of the two parties involved, the leaker, and the reactions of netizens.

Firstly, let's look at the situation from the perspective of the individuals involved. These two students engaged in sexual activity in a public classroom at the university, knowing that there were surveillance cameras present. I simply cannot comprehend this behavior. Did they not have money for a hotel room? Were they seeking excitement? Or did they think they could get away with it? Regardless of the reasons, their actions were immature and irresponsible.

Imagine if, during their "clap for love" moment, another student had walked in through the classroom door. It would have been an incredibly awkward situation for everyone involved, similar to walking into a public restroom only to find people having sex.

Therefore, their behavior itself is a disruption of public order and should be subject to education and punishment. However, the nature of the punishment and its severity should be determined by the relevant authorities, rather than the current "punishment" of the video being widely circulated, leading to personal attacks and even doxxing.

Secondly, let's consider the situation from the perspective of the leaker. Based on the leaked surveillance footage, the surveillance cameras not only tracked the individuals but also zoomed in, showcasing a level of "artificial intelligence." It is evident that this was manipulated by someone. This means that not only was the "performance" spread afterwards, but it was also "live-streamed" during the act.

The leaker, whether intentional or unintentional, has ultimately achieved the same result. The incident quickly spread on social media, with one person sharing it with ten others, and then those ten sharing it with a hundred others... It rapidly became known to the world.

The leaker should be held accountable. The surveillance room at the university is not accessible to just anyone, so it should not be difficult to investigate. It depends on whether they want to pursue it or not.

Lastly, let's examine the situation from the perspective of the viewers. The onlookers always run the fastest, comparable to "Hong Kong journalists." After the video was leaked, it quickly spread and escalated on social media. Numerous netizens left comments requesting the video, took screenshots to mock the individuals involved, and some even tried to sell the video as a commodity... Few people stopped to think about why this incident occurred.

From another perspective, what is the difference between these onlookers and the audience in the "Nth Room" incident?

A few days after the incident, rumors spread online that the girl in the video had jumped off a building to commit suicide. Fortunately, the school later debunked this rumor. Otherwise, the individuals who leaked and spread the video would have been accomplices in the girl's suicide.

Although I personally feel that they deserved it, I do not believe they should be treated in such a manner. I sympathize with their plight, just as I eventually changed my attitude and sympathized with the ordeal of Edison Chen years later.

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