Pressure and Suicide

This morning I heard about an incident at Nanhu, and the school quickly blocked the news. No one in any of the groups knows the specific details.

Just now in the volunteer teaching group, everyone was also talking about this incident, and then I found out that someone did indeed die. It was someone from our school's College of Engineering. The reason is still unknown, but from what Lan Wei said, it's probably not something good to mention. He probably doesn't want to talk about it because it's quite sad.

Actually, I'm very curious about what kind of reason could make a person disregard their own life like this. Is the pressure too great? Is life disappointing? Is it a failed relationship? I don't think any of these reasons can be a justification for giving up one's life.

I thought I had already endured the pressure that I couldn't bear, in other words, people like them who are on the verge of wanting to give up their lives. But recently, I realized that there are still people who are living in even more difficult circumstances than me. There are those who are tormented by family relationships and want to run away from home, and those who are sent to places like Yuzhang Academy... There are many, many people who bear the pressure in their hearts, perhaps far exceeding what people consider to be the high pressure of the college entrance examination.

Because this kind of pressure comes more from the internal struggle, from the defeat of the closest people, and that is the most terrifying.

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