Physical store for stall


At six o'clock this afternoon, after going downstairs to get tested for nucleic acid, I went to Wumart supermarket to buy ingredients for hot pot for dinner, as well as some daily necessities. This is the first time I have gone shopping outside the community since the last quarantine.

There were very few people on the road, and the traffic was also very light. There were not many people walking on the crisscross greenway.

We walked to the mall and saw from a distance that there were people setting up stalls in front of the Qin Tang Xiaoguan. I curiously walked up and found that their employees were selling fruits, vegetables, and some pastries... I looked into the store and saw that all the seats had been tidied up, there was no one inside, and not a single light was on. This reflects the situation of offline physical stores.

As we entered the mall and walked inside, we saw a few pedestrians here and there, and there were not many shops open on both sides. The shops that used to be brightly lit and bustling with people now looked dim, and because they had put up some curtains, they seemed a bit desolate. The performance of these shop owners can be imagined this year, and the outcome awaiting them is not optimistic.

Thinking back to the year after the start of the epidemic, many of my relatives who ran physical stores closed down and sought new paths. In vast China, how many ordinary people are like them?

At the same time, today I saw a piece of news: the AFC Asian Cup, which is scheduled to be held in China in 2023, is currently difficult for the Chinese organizing committee to promise and arrange for the tournament to be held in a fully open mode next year due to the impact of the epidemic, so it has been decided to relocate.

Connecting this news with the current situation, I can't help but have various thoughts and even break out in a cold sweat. When will our current situation of lockdown and staying at home come to an end? Is there a standard for calling it off? Without a standard, it cannot be measured...

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