Sexual Life of Young People

Today I came across a report that mentioned an interesting phenomenon - young people nowadays are having less and less sex, and it seems that they are becoming less interested in sex.

This report is from "The Atlantic Monthly". When I first saw this phenomenon, I was quite surprised. In conventional thinking, compared to the past, current life is relatively affluent, and many young people like to go clubbing and partying. The popularity of stranger dating apps such as Momo and Tantan (similar apps also exist abroad) has reduced the cost of making friends and expanded social circles... Wouldn't these factors increase the frequency of sexual activity?

However, according to the data provided by the report, sexual activity among teenagers in Europe and America has decreased by at least 14 percentage points in recent years. 41% of young people aged 18 to 34 in Japan have no sexual experience. These data all indicate that the frequency of sexual activity among young people is decreasing globally, and it can even be said that this is a global trend.

So what are the reasons? "The Atlantic Monthly" provides three reasons: there are more entertainment and other alternative ways, less face-to-face interaction time among young people, and more people have the right and courage to say No.

These reasons seem to make sense, and after reading them, I have a feeling of "Oh, so that's why". The abundance of apps has indeed greatly reduced the threshold for making friends, but there are pros and cons. It is precisely because there are too many things that socializing has become just a small part of life. In addition to this, there are many other choices. After entering university, there is no longer the opportunity to gather with many people like in high school. Although there is more time, it always feels like something is missing. Many people become otaku, indulging in games and anime all day long. Girlfriend? Nonexistent.

The report points out that there are more alternative ways, and I think it makes a lot of sense. Sex may just be a means to satisfy physiological needs, and a part of physiological needs is to seek pleasure. However, when we have more things that can bring us pleasure, sex becomes less important, not to mention the current situation in our country where the cost of pursuing girls is increasing. Perhaps more people will focus their time and energy on self-improvement, hobbies, or games.

Just like the saying goes: GTA5 cost $268 million, brought together two thousand outstanding game developers from around the world, delayed for more than a year, developed for five years, used real-world traffic data from Los Angeles to create a comprehensive statistical model, and even modeled the interior view of each car. Twenty years of technological accumulation, just to make it more fun. May I ask where do girls get the confidence to think they can surpass games?

Even in college, it is the same, and there is even less time after work. Almost all of the time in a day is spent on work, and there is also the pressure of constantly updating technology or information, with no time to relax. If you spend a little bit of effort, it often disrupts your own schedule and wastes your time. With little time and great pressure, who has the energy to think about these things? These are the thoughts of some friends I have met after starting work.

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