Senior year

Tonight, I went for a walk with Chicken Brother for about an hour. During that time, we talked about a lot of things, mainly focusing on the documentaries we watched, especially Zhou Hao's "Senior Three".

In this documentary, it feels like I saw a lot of shadows of myself, classmates, and teachers from back then. Undoubtedly, Wang Jinchun, as a class teacher, is very dedicated and also has some ideas. It can be considered lucky for students to have such a class teacher.

The most interesting thing about this documentary is the thought-provoking life trajectories of many people. For example, the typical underachiever Zhong Shengming, who is very smart and could earn ten thousand yuan by playing games during school. In that era, this amount can be considered astonishing. You should know that when interviewed, farmers could only earn a dozen yuan through hard work. Now, he has caught up with the fast train of the times and has a net worth of several tens of millions. However, not everyone can catch this train. Even if the opportunity is there, some people may not be able to seize it, but he did.

As for Lin Jiayan, who almost scored the best, she is doing well in Beijing now, but she is still quite ordinary. In that era, getting into the Central University for Nationalities can be considered a very big platform, but her achievements have basically stopped there. From her preparation for the exam, you can see some shadows of her future. She is introverted and follows a routine. She has her limitations, which is being a child from a rural family, with a limited perspective and lack of long-term vision.

Another memorable person is the one who prayed to Buddha for good grades. Now, he has entered a normal person's life trajectory, working in a factory as a father of three children. There is not much difference between him and others, blending into the masses.

In fact, looking back at the lives of these people, they are all very ordinary. Most people are destined to merge into the ordinary life track, while only a few can break free and walk on a different life trajectory.

Chicken Brother finally said that the biggest realization this film gave him is not to get married too early and not to have children too early.

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