Backup from ten years ago.

A backup file that opened up memories sealed for ten years.

If it weren't for these past few days of tinkering with the "SimpRead" browser extension, I wouldn't have opened QQ Mail, and I wouldn't have seen the backup file sent to me by Tencent Weibo before it closed down. This file carries my scattered thoughts over the years...

Let's go back to April 2010 when Tencent Weibo was launched. One year later, I posted my first Weibo:

2011-04-18 15:05:40
Nothing affects anything.

After that, I would send a few Weibo posts every now and then, ranging from what I ate today to what happened during this period of time.

I scrolled to the bottom and started reading from the first post, back to 2011:

Complaining about the school sports meet:

2011-11-08 07:50:49
Why is it raining? The school sports meet for the juniors is tomorrow, if it doesn't happen, the juniors will go out...

2011-11-09 10:17:22
Damn, not happy about the school sports meet.

2011-11-11 14:53:48
Damn, can't participate in the closing ceremony, ended up locked in the dormitory. Oh well, sleep...


2012-01-15 21:52:42
Aunt Flo came a few days before the final exams... made the Lunar New Year happy...

Interesting way of memorizing words:

2012-02-07 12:36:01
Just looked at the English book for first-year students, scared me... the words after the word "pencil" →→ deceive color, "excuse me" →→ clothes die Q die, "English" →→ English mouse, "brother" →→ not pulling, "chair" →→ lacking ears, "desk" →→ flip die, "school" →→ death valley heart pounding...

Small dreams:

2012-02-17 16:33:42
I want to go to a prestigious high school~ Work hard...

Took the entrance exam for Tieyi Middle School. Witnessed the real difference, the starting point was completely different.

2012-06-30 12:43:56
Seeing these students coming to take the exam makes me panic... there are more parents than students... it's like a matter of life and death... unlike us---a bunch of idiots just entering the exam room... everyone else is fully armed. We are like bachelors---/soldiers

A decision that would influence the future, but I didn't make a choice.

2013-02-15 14:06:47
My sister asked me whether I should go to Liuzhou or stay in Laibin.

2013-04-30 13:28:12
Every time I see this scene, I feel inexplicably heartbroken. If it were a young person, I would scold them, but this is an old lady, and she's kneeling. I have to move forward even though I only have ten yuan.

If I remember correctly, it should be when I went to Xiaomeisha in Shenzhen without applying sunscreen.

2013-08-08 21:58:06
When I got home, I realized that my shoulders were all red!!!

2013-08-26 15:43:32
Goodbye to the place where this typhoon blew away my beloved socks...

2013-09-17 13:07:02
Is the cafeteria uncle heartbroken or did he lose his wife?! For several days in a row, he cooked the dishes while grumbling...

2013-10-20 13:55:42
Seeing a bunch of girls rushing to sit calmly at the desks during class break, my enthusiasm for studying was ignited all at once!!!

Became a volunteer at the high school library---I loved reading books back then. It was also where I met Shero.

2014-03-03 16:05:50
After several hours of competition yesterday, I was finally elected as a library person-------hahaha, in the future, those magazines, wait for me /mighty

Finally stopped at the last promotion post in 2015:

2015-07-12 01:21:41
I just took the integrity exam and got a score of 5, with the evaluation: Are you here to highlight the purity of time? Friends, come and compare integrity with me!

From 2011 to 2015, from Sanzhong to Laigao, from Liuzhou to Laibin... Looking at the Weibo posts I wrote ten years ago, there were dialects mixed with alien characters, occasional profanity and complaints, and even a bit of an artistic youth vibe. Reading them now is embarrassingly awkward---I used to be so non-mainstream.

A series of memories surged up, all of them were my blushing and unforgettable youth. Embarrassment, nostalgia, and smiles. When I read those shameful sentences, I wished I could find a hole to hide in, but at the same time, I felt fortunate because no one else can see them anymore.

I don't regret writing down these things back then because they were all the real me at that time. In contrast, now when I post a Weibo or Moments, I have to carefully decorate it for a long time, and I no longer have the feeling of freely expressing myself.

I, who was completely exposed, wrote words that were completely exposed. When I look back after ten years, if I don't want to reminisce, then let them all be buried in the past.


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