2020 Reading Record

Reading record for 2020.

DateBook TitleTagsRatingNotes
2020-12-12"Six Records of a Floating Life" by Shen Fu (Qing Dynasty)Essays Chinese Literature4.0His wife is a lovely person
2020-12-12"Perfume" by Patrick Süskind (Germany)Idealism Philosophy4.5The miniseries/film adaptation is also good
2020-11-21"Living in Borrowed Mountains" by DongziSeclusion3.0Some descriptions of animals are decent
2020-10-24"Being with Borges" by Alberto Manguel (Canada)Borges4.0Borges described from another perspective
2020-10-24"Borges: The Last Interview" by Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina)Borges Interviews4.0Interview perspectives
2020-10-10"Conversations with Borges" by Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina)Borges4.5Language is sincere
2020-10-03"The People of Sanhe" by Tian Feng and Lin KaixuanSanhe Youth Report4.0Reflection
2020-09-28"The Creative Thinker's Toolkit" by Dorte Nielsen (USA)Methodology Creativity Drawing3.5Superficial reading, not much gain
2020-09-26"Long Night" by Chen ZijinDetective Mystery4.0Could have been bolder, but still good
2020-09-05"Worth the World" by Nakamura Tsuneko (Japan)Methodology Philosophy4.0Reflection
2020-07-31"Bad Kid" by Chen ZijinDetective Mystery4.0The miniseries adaptation is good
2020-06-20"The Devotion of Suspect X" by Keigo Higashino (Japan)Detective Mystery4.0The plot is a bit dragging
2020-06-12"Simplicity" by Giles Colborne (UK)Design Products4.0Too much nonsense, not as profound as "The Design of Everyday Things"
2020-06-03"The Non-Designer's Design Book" by Robin Williams and John Tollett (USA)Design Products Examples3.5Not worth reading
2020-06-02"The Non-Designer's Design Book (4th Edition)" by Robin Williams (USA)Design Products Methodology4.5Concise and straightforward, worth it
2020-05-11"How to Lie with Statistics" by Darrell HuffData Analysis3.5Piled-up examples
2020-05-06"No-Stress Socializing" by Gillian Butler (UK)Socializing3.0Average
2020-05-06"Black Hawk Down" by Mark BowdenTrue Events War4.0The film adaptation is good
2020-05-05"The Beauty of Mathematics" by Wu JunPopular Science Computer4.0Introduction to popular science
2020-04-26"Post-Truth" by Hector Macdonald (UK)Society Politics4.0Thought-provoking
2020-04-21"Online Advertising" by Zhang YadongAdvertising3.0A book full of piled-up content
2020-04-20"This is a Search Engine" by Zhang JunlinSearch Engine4.0Clear ideas in the first few chapters, but messy later on
2020-04-19"Dear Sanmao" by SanmaoProse Correspondence4.0Language is sincere
2020-04-17"The Other Half of the Sky" by Nicholas D. Kristof (USA)Women4.0Reasoning mixed with cruel facts
2020-04-15"Practical Recommender Systems" by Xiang LiangRecommender Systems4.0Comprehensive, suitable for beginners
2020-04-14"Deliberate Practice" by Anders Ericsson (USA)Methodology3.5Later chapters are verbose
2020-04-05"Nonviolent Communication" by Marshall Rosenberg (USA)Methodology Communication3.5Quite verbose
2020-04-05"Behind the Product" by Wang ShimuNetEase Products4.5Detailed analysis with specific examples, worth it
2020-04-02"Growth Hacker Marketing" by Ryan HolidayGrowth4.0Understanding growth methodology
2020-03-20"Product Methodology" by Yu JunProducts Methodology4.0Economic thinking and book recommendations are good
2020-03-14"How the Internet Works" by Hugen Katsuyuki (Japan)Internet4.0Complete and detailed
2020-03-12"How Programs Run" by Yaze Hisao (Japan)Computer4.0Suitable for beginners
2020-03-08"How Computers Run" by Yaze Hisao (Japan)Computer4.0Basic computer knowledge
2020-03-03"MySQL Crash Course" by Ben Forta (USA)SQL4.0Introductory book
2020-03-03"SQL Crash Course" by Ben Forta (USA)SQL4.0Introductory book
2020-02-16"Impromptu Speaking" by Judith Humphrey (Canada)Public Speaking3.0Not worth reading
2020-02-15"Thinking in Bets" by Annie Duke (USA)Decision Making Game Theory3.5Average
2020-01-21"Lean Data Analysis" by Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz (Canada)Data Analysis3.5Average
2020-01-20"I Once Walked on the Brink of Collapse" by Yu MinhongMemoirs4.5Language is sincere
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