Reading Notes | 2022・10: Hayek, Navarre, Yelin, etc.


Before the National Day holiday, I once vowed to finish reading several books during the holiday, but ended up not finishing one book after returning. Just like the study period's winter and summer vacation plans.

Recently obsessed with classic works of political economy, temporarily putting aside Tan's novels. No leisure without reading novels.

  • "Construction of Reality": Finished reading. A pretty good classic work of sociology, where society is a product of people, society is an objective reality, and people are products of society.
  • "The Road to Serfdom": Finished reading. Skimmed through once, satisfying, then read carefully again, pondering. Although the translator may be biased, one needs to look at it from the perspective of the times. Looking at that era now, who knows if it will become looking at the future now.
  • "Navarre's Codex": Finished reading. Recommend going directly to read Navarre's blog and Twitter.
  • "How to Learn Efficiently": Finished reading. Everyone understands the principles discussed, and those who have read it think they can achieve them. But in reality?
  • "Struggling for Power": Currently reading. What is power, and why fight for it?
  • "Great Movies": Read. Leisure reading, looking at the perspective of Pulitzer Prize-winning film critics.
  • "Death House Notes": Currently reading. This book completely lacks Tan's style, anyway, couldn't continue reading, mostly just a prison account. I would call it prison trivia. Abandoned reading.
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