Reading Notes | 2022.9: Dunhuang, Marquez, Tashi, etc.


The company was in turmoil in September, and for a period of time, I didn't feel like reading, nor did I have the mindset to read. Most of the books were finished before the turmoil. It can be seen that without a stable environment, nothing is efficient.

As I planned to visit the Dunhuang exhibition, I read some books related to Dunhuang during this time - if it's just for a cursory look and tourist photos, it would be a waste of the millennium spirit.

  • "Dunhuang: The Call to Everyone": Finished reading. Interviews with the main personnel of Dunhuang over the past century. What does Dunhuang have? Who is there? What attracts them?
  • "Impact and Reflection: He Zhaowu on Culture": Finished reading. Overall okay, some chapters were inspiring. Mainly discusses the impact of Western culture on Chinese culture and the reflections it brings.
  • "Introduction to Dunhuang Studies": Finished reading. An introductory book that explains what Dunhuang Studies is and why such a discipline exists. The selected appendix "Dunhuang - Great Cultural Treasure" is a good book.
  • "A Pre-Announced Murder Case": Finished reading. A short and powerful story, as described in the title, reveals the ending and characters in advance, still readable, Marquez's writing is not limited to "One Hundred Years of Solitude."
  • "One Hundred Years of Solitude": Finished reading. The story is interesting, but unfortunately, I read it late.
  • "Touching the Soul of the Times: He Zhaowu on Reading": Finished reading. Previously said this series of books wasn't great, but after finishing it, it actually felt okay.
  • "Sea Anemone": Finished reading. The plot of this detective novel is good, but the characters' motives are a bit far-fetched.
  • "The Brothers Karamazov": Finished reading. Opened the door to Dostoevsky, this book is undoubtedly worth reading again.
  • "The Road to Serfdom": Currently reading. In an era where banners proclaiming "Being diligent in nucleic acid testing is the way to freedom" are hung, we need to read this book more. The translation by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press is a bit rough, so I plan to read the version by Yin Haiguang first.
  • "Notes from a Dead House": Currently reading. Dostoevsky's novel about Siberian hard labor, gives a feeling similar to reading Wang Xuetang's "Notes from Prison."
  • "Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone": Currently reading. A selection of Dostoevsky's letters, providing another perspective to understand Dostoevsky.
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