Reading Notes | 2022・5: Lu Xun, Deng Xiaoping, Lee Kuan Yew, and Others


May is still a month of working from home, and I've read quite a few books. Some recommendations include "The Deng Xiaoping Era," "Lee Kuan Yew's Worldview," "Shaping," and "Summoning Spirits."

Books I've read this month:

  • "Morning and Evening Chats": Currently reading, Lu Xun's collection of essays.
  • "Wild Grass": Finished reading, Lu Xun's collection of essays, with interesting satire in the essays "The Chongming People and the Fool and the Slave" and "On Theory."
  • "Summoning Spirits": Currently reading, a foreigner's writing on Qing Dynasty history, intertwined with the superstition of summoning spirits.
  • "Shaping": Finished reading, about product management and team collaboration, quite practical, with an online reading version available.
  • "Princess Ya": Currently reading, a modern elite woman who marries into the Japanese royal family, and then what? Will she drive reform or be institutionalized?
  • "Don't Think About That Elephant": Currently reading, the author's other book "The Metaphors We Live By" is more famous, but this one about the elephant is quite boring.
  • "Lee Kuan Yew's Worldview": Finished reading, revisited this book after finishing "The Deng Xiaoping Era," still admire Lee Kuan Yew's vision.
  • "The Deng Xiaoping Era": Finished reading, a monumental work, a must-read on Deng Xiaoping and that era, recommend reading the unabridged version published in Hong Kong.
  • "History of Western Aesthetics": Currently reading, continuing to delve into it.
  • "Wandering": Finished reading, Lu Xun's collection of short stories, after reading it, I also felt lost.
  • "Yelling": Finished reading, Lu Xun's collection of short stories, many of the excerpts commonly found in textbooks can be seen here, such as Kong Yiji, Run Tu, Ah Q...
  • "Hot Wind": Finished reading, Lu Xun's collection of miscellaneous thoughts, quite fragmented, not much emotional impact.
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