What to read in April: Zhu Guangqian, Yan Lianke, and Lu Xun, etc.

Title: "What to Read in April: Zhu Guangqian, Yan Lianke, and Lu Xun, etc."
Date: 2022-04-30T22:19:37+08:00
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Description: "Brief Talk on Aesthetics/Artist of Life/A Collection of Aesthetic Harvests/Western Aesthetics History/Russell on Happiness, etc."
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To my surprise, I have read over a dozen books this month, and most of them have been completed. Of course, "read" does not mean completely finished, but rather that I have skimmed through and made some notes.

I have had so much time because I have spent most of April in home isolation, which has saved me commuting time and given me more free time to arrange, allowing me to read a lot. This can be considered one of the benefits of home isolation.

This month, I have read the following books:

  • "Brief Talk on Aesthetics": Finished reading. It is a late work of Zhu Guangqian, and there is a hint of caution in his writing. He rarely mentions Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought, or the turmoil he went through, but it has influenced him to some extent.
  • "Artist of Life": Finished reading. It contains some of Bruce Lee's early articles and unpublished thoughts, which provide a deeper understanding of his kung fu and philosophy. It emphasizes simplicity over flamboyance and practicality over abstraction.
  • "A Collection of Aesthetic Harvests": Finished reading. It is a late work of Zhu Guangqian, and this book is small and more like a textbook, making it difficult to understand.
  • "Western Aesthetics History": Currently reading. It is an important work on aesthetics by Zhu Guangqian, as the title suggests, it outlines the history of Western aesthetics in several important stages. Due to its difficulty, I haven't made much progress in April.
  • "User Growth in the Frontline": Currently reading. It is a book purchased by the company's leadership, and I casually flip through it. It's average.
  • "Russell on Happiness": Finished reading. Recommended by a Telegram channel, it lists the reasons for unhappiness and happiness, which are all common topics. It is average to me.
  • "Subscription Economy": Finished reading. It is a book purchased by the company's leadership, providing an overview of the subscription model.
  • "To Live": Rereading. Maybe it's because I have seen a lot of news about people suffering during the pandemic, I suddenly thought of this book, so I reread it.
  • "Serve the People": Finished reading. It originated from seeing someone recommend a movie called "Serve the People 2022," a Korean adaptation of Yan Lianke's novel. Out of curiosity, I found and read this novel, which has been banned in mainland China. The novel has a great theme, it is short and powerful, worth reading.
  • "The Dream of Ding Village": Finished reading. It is also a work by Yan Lianke, and it is also banned in mainland China. It tells the story of ignorance in a village affected by AIDS.
  • "The Running Bible": Currently reading. I restarted my running plan in April, and when I don't have running buddies, I listen to this book. However, I only ran for two days before being quarantined due to the pandemic.
  • "The Grave": Finished reading. This year, I plan to go through the works of Lu Xun, starting with the order of the complete works of Lu Xun published by People's Literature Publishing House. "The Grave" is the first book. Except for the first few articles that are not suitable for reading, the other essays are worth reading. The viewpoints are sharp and the criticism is merciless.
  • "Learn English and Transform Your Life in 100 Days": Finished reading. It is a small reference book with practical content, but there is too much unnecessary talk. Only read the chapters that explain the methods, and skip the rest. Give it half an hour, no more.
  • "The Deng Xiaoping Era": Currently reading. It is a good material to understand Deng Xiaoping and the history of the past few decades. I initially read the mainland version, but then switched to the unabridged version published in Hong Kong. I hate abridgment.
  • "Hot Wind": Currently reading. It is the second book in the complete works of Lu Xun, consisting of his random thoughts and miscellaneous essays.
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