Reading Notes | 2022.3: Wang Xiaobo, Zhitang, Goethe...


Books I am currently reading this month:

  • "Wang Xiaobo's Works": Includes "Golden Age", "Future World", "Night Journey", "Song Immortal", and some essays. Compared to the highly acclaimed "Golden Age", I prefer the dark humor and satire in "Future World".
  • "Zhou Zuoren's Essays": A collection of Zhou Zuoren's early essays, feels average.
  • "Bellies of the Poor": Depicts the social conditions in Japan during the 70s and 80s, showing how people struggled during that period.
  • "Grave": Re-reading Lu Xun, his sharp comments on certain things remain fresh and insightful.
  • "Zhitang's Collection of Works": An old book written in traditional Chinese characters, surprisingly engaging.
  • "Conversations with Goethe": Highly recommended, records Goethe's conversations in the years before his death, reflecting his dual identity as a great poet and a common citizen.
  • "The Brothers Karamazov": Currently reading, the names are really hard to remember.
  • "Miscellaneous Memories of Mountain Living": Memoirs of a lady from Hangzhou, candid and sincere, providing insights into interesting customs.
  • "A Brief Discussion on Aesthetics": Currently reading, written by Zhu Guangqian after the turmoil, more rigorous and complete compared to previous works, but also cautious due to the limitations of the era.
  • "The Artist of Life": Currently reading, Bruce Lee's ability to integrate philosophy and martial arts was a significant innovation; if he hadn't passed away young, his achievements would have been much greater.
  • "The Subscription Economy": Currently reading, offers observations and insights into the prevalent subscription models today.
  • "Working on User Growth at the Frontline": Currently reading, a book provided by the company to understand the strategies of operations.
  • "Why Read Classics": Currently reading, written by Italo Calvino, documenting comments on some classic books. Life is short, read more classics.
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