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Perhaps everyone has had a dream: to travel around the world. But very few actually do it.

These past few days, I saw someone on Twitter who can be considered a high-end version of the "Sanhe Guru" (Three-and-a-Half Sage). He worked in hotels and other places to save money, and then traveled to many countries, including but not limited to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Japan, South Korea, and Canada...

Why do I say he is a high-end version of the "Sanhe Guru"? It's because he also lived a similar lifestyle of working for one day and resting for three. The difference is that after saving enough money (usually a few hundred to a few thousand), he starts his journey, from one place to another, from one country to another. In his words, this feeling of being "on the road" is addictive.

Why travel on a budget? He wrote in his travelogue, "I once thought about suicide because I felt that life lacked 'possibilities'. I thought that since I wasn't afraid of death anymore, I might as well see the world before I die." To support his wandering expenses, he worked as a security guard, waiter, and hotel receptionist. There was nothing he couldn't do. When he had no money, he slept on the floor, in internet cafes, and in parks. There was no place where he couldn't close his eyes.

Fortunately, his English skills were good, and no matter where he applied for a job, especially in five-star hotels and abroad, this skill greatly helped him. He even met his future wife in the Maldives thanks to this skill, which can be described as an incredible fate.


My favorite part is the interesting stories he wrote about his travels, especially in Tibet, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, which reminded me of Liu Zichao's travelogue "The Lost Satellite". I believe that with his experiences and fluent writing style, compiling the places he has visited, the interesting people he has met, and the things he has encountered will result in a great travelogue.

The world is not lacking in people with dreams, but very few are like him who actually take the steps to go out and pursue them. I can only envy and admire him. It is because of people like him that I have not lost faith in my dreams.

If you're interested, you can further read this article where he details his nomadic life. Additionally, he is active on Twitter with the handle @lazyJQ.

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