Recalling June 1st


Children's Day nowadays, I don't know what fun activities schools have. Thinking back to when I was in elementary school, this holiday was a joyful day that I always looked forward to.

In the morning, we went to school as usual, but there were no classes. The classrooms and the outside area were decorated with various games. I remember a few games the most. One was fishing for paper fish. The "fish pond" was surrounded by several tables, and the participants used homemade hooks to catch the fish on the ground. If they caught a fish within a certain time, they would receive a prize, which was candy. Another game was blindfolded nose sticking, and there was also a similar game where blindfolded participants had to hit a drum. These two games were simple and fun, and they were very popular. I usually played other games first and waited until there were fewer people in line before playing. Whenever someone blindfolded themselves and stuck the nose in the wrong place, it would cause a burst of laughter. People watching would usually give simple hints, and the teachers would just lightly scold, but they wouldn't restrict. Sometimes there were pranks, deliberately leading the blindfolded person to the wrong place, and the atmosphere was very lively.

There were probably many games, but I have mostly forgotten them. I only remember that this day was filled with anticipation and fulfillment. Children naturally love to play, and even the strict teachers became playmates, bringing us closer to each other. Not to mention the candy that came with playing games, which was a rare treat that only happened once a year.

The games usually ended around ten o'clock in the morning. One reason was that everyone was tired from playing, and the other reason was that the candy had been distributed. I don't remember if there was a closing ceremony, but it wasn't yet noon, and people started to gradually go home, enjoying half a day of vacation.

Since we went home in groups, it was inevitable that we would compare the amount of candy in each other's pockets and share interesting things that happened during the games.

With pockets full of candy, swinging and eating, we headed home.

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