"Love, Death & Robots Season 3" Quick Review

I just finished watching it today, and overall, Season 3 is better than Season 2, and can even surpass Season 1 in terms of average quality.

Season 1 received high praise due to its freshness, but only a few episodes were of high quality. In Season 3, I feel that the majority of the episodes are of good quality, with none being particularly disappointing. Among them, a few left a deep impression on me.

The Drowned Giant#


In Season 3, I think this episode has a more complete storytelling. After encountering an attack from alien crabs, they need to choose someone to venture down to investigate the situation on the ship. Initially, they draw lots fairly, and the muscular man is chosen. However, he refuses to follow the rules of the game and resorts to violence, throwing the protagonist Torin into the depths of the ship, while the others watch coldly.

Torin narrowly escapes a disaster and realizes that staying above or below will both result in death. So, he reaches an agreement with the alien crabs. After being treated with indifference by the others, their fate is basically sealed. However, the subsequent actions of the protagonist are quite clever and ingenious upon closer examination.



Set in the future, humans are still arrogant and believe they can conquer everything. When they attempt to use and modify the insect race, they witness the consequences of their recklessness.

All Through the House#


When the special forces accidentally enter the cave, the magnificent dungeon, the huge staircase and iron chains, and the mysterious low growl, I really love it. The sense of mystery, solemnity, and the oppression of something huge. (p.s. The female special forces soldier should be modeled after Rosita from "The Walking Dead". As a fan of "The Walking Dead", I recognized her at a glance, and later saw her name in the cast list.)



Intense artistic style, exaggerated colors, and slightly eerie background music. Even without any dialogue throughout, I still understood it, the director is quite talented in this aspect.

Why wasn't the protagonist charmed at the beginning? Because he is deaf. There are many details about his deafness, such as when the camera is from his perspective, it is silent, and when his teammates communicate with him, they use gestures. There are also close-ups of his ears.

Due to frequent camera cuts, intermittent sound, and intense colors, watching it may cause discomfort during the viewing process, but this cannot be considered a flaw, at least in my opinion.

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