The appearance of life

Tonight, I finished work with Lilianne, and during that time, I saw her ordering takeout, so I curiously asked if she was ordering supper. Then she said it was for tomorrow's breakfast, which surprised me.

"You're ordering late-night snacks without having dinner first?"

"No, this is for tomorrow's breakfast."

This made me even more curious. It seemed too early to start ordering tomorrow's breakfast now. After she explained, I learned that she was worried about the food being sold out tomorrow. Plus, she ordered things like bread, so there were no concerns about expiration that I had in mind...

Speaking of breakfast, she also asked me what I usually eat. I said I'm lazy now, so I usually have biscuits and yogurt. As for her, she mainly heats up bread at 7:30 in the morning, along with a cup of hand-drip coffee, leaning towards a Western-style breakfast. She eats breakfast while listening to something, looking very leisurely. Unlike me, who takes ten minutes to take care of personal hygiene and then quickly finishes breakfast before leaving.

Then I asked why she doesn't order breakfast to the office and just eat there. She replied, "How can I spend such a beautiful morning at the office?" Her answer reminded me of Hilda, whom I met when I went downstairs to eat a few days ago. She also said something similar--

Due to the pandemic, we can't dine in the cafeteria, so we can only take the food back to our desks to eat. But the company's desks are limited, so everyone can only eat at their workstations. That day, when we saw her eating outside, we asked, "Why don't you bring it up to your desk to eat?" She replied, "I don't want to eat at my desk. It makes me feel like I'm just a worker, never taking a break." Even if we only have half an hour for lunch, I would still prefer to go outside.

After Lilianne finished speaking, I was thinking about Hilda's words, and she smiled and said, "Are you thinking that women are troublesome?"


We laughed together. After laughing, I added, "Indeed, that's true. It can be troublesome." But deep down, I thought, "You guys are the ones who truly embody what life should be like."


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