Just like that, just like that.

Nearly a hundred years ago, after the student Liu Hezhen was shot and killed in the March 18th Massacre, Lu Xun wrote in an article:

I have always been willing to speculate about the worst evil intentions of the Chinese people, but I did not expect, nor did I believe that they would be so despicable and cruel.

── Lu Xun, "In Memory of Mr. Liu Hezhen"

More than a year later, Lu Xun went to Guangzhou and continued to fight.

At that time, scholars mocked Lu Xun, saying that he had finished speaking and there was no need to read "The Yusi". Lu Xun replied:

This is true, the words have been spoken, what I said this year is still applicable, and I'm afraid it will still be applicable next year. But he hopes it won't be applicable for ten or twenty years.

── Lu Xun, "It Just"

Now, seeing the incident of Henan depositors' rights being violently obstructed, I can only sigh that Lu Xun's words are not only applicable for twenty years, but still applicable until now, which is already close to a hundred years later.

Presumably, it will still be applicable in the future, what can we do? It's just "It just".

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