Isolation Diary | Unsealing and Isolating Again

When I woke up in the morning, I saw a notice posted in the community's home observation group - except for a few buildings near the confirmed cases, the rest of the buildings in the community have been lifted from lockdown!

Since I woke up late, it would be impossible for me to go to work now. I was thinking about how to continue applying for work-from-home with the company when I suddenly received a call from the community.

"May I ask if you are XXX? This is a community staff member."

"Yes, what's the matter?" I was taken aback, hoping that there wouldn't be any problems.

"On the night of the 20th, around ten-thirty, did you happen to go to XX supermarket..."

The person asked about my whereabouts and stated the information they obtained to confirm its authenticity. I opened my calendar and found that what she said was almost identical, especially the part about the supermarket. I remembered it vividly because I came back from a run that day and did go to the supermarket during that time period - could it be that I tested positive?! Why would they ask me about my whereabouts in such detail?

However, I wasn't that "lucky".

The person then told me that I had been to the supermarket with a confirmed case and needed to continue home isolation. Upon hearing this news, I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. Just an hour ago, the community had announced the lifting of the lockdown in the neighborhood, and everyone thought they could go out for some fresh air. And now, I was starting another round of home isolation.

Of course, the people who were with me also had to continue staying at home.


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