Watch "In Bad Days"

This is a quite interesting action film, also translated as "In Bad Days" or "Fatal Journey". I think the latter name is more appropriate.

The story is about a couple who go to a cabin in the woods for the weekend, but each of them is planning how to kill the other. Just when the situation reaches a deadlock, they suddenly discover an even greater threat hidden in the cabin.

I won't spoil the specific plot of the movie, because the most interesting part is the constant twists and turns. One minute, the viewer may sympathize with the husband, but the next minute, they may start sympathizing with the wife. Until the end, it seems like neither of them deserves sympathy or both of them do.

If this kind of twist movie is not handled well, it can result in logical gaps that feel abrupt or make the audience feel fatigued. However, this film handles it quite appropriately. It lays the groundwork in some details and then revisits those details during the twists, giving the audience a moment of sudden realization. For someone like me who often watches suspense films, the revisiting part feels a bit unnecessary.

It's also worth mentioning that the film has some thrilling and violent scenes, so I think it can be rated R21 and viewers should be cautious before watching.

Dinner outside the cabin

Lastly, I must say that the scenery in Norway is truly beautiful. The aerial shots of the couple driving to the cabin in the woods and the scene of them sitting outside the cabin having dinner are filled with the cold and eerie atmosphere of Northern Europe. It's my first time watching a Norwegian film, and I think it's really good.

In Bad Days

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