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When it comes to reading, I don't really care about the medium. I enjoy both physical books and eBooks. Physical books have a certain feel to them and reading them is more focused, but they also have many disadvantages, such as taking up space, being difficult to carry, and being expensive. On the other hand, eBooks don't have these drawbacks. When reading professional books, eBooks are especially convenient for taking notes and looking up words at any time, which is an advantage that physical books don't have.

Due to some special reasons in China, some books cannot be purchased or may be censored, so we can only rely on eBooks. However, as the crackdown on copyright infringement intensifies, most of the websites that used to store downloadable eBooks have disappeared. Here are some methods for finding books collected from the internet. Some methods provide legitimate books, while others provide books stored on public websites for reference and selection purposes.

If new methods for finding books are discovered in the future, this article will be updated.

Book Search Engines#

  • Soepub: This website has been around for over a decade and has a wide range of books. Downloading requires book coins, which can be obtained through sharing or recharging.
  • Z-Library: Highly recommended. It has a large collection of English books and a good number of Chinese books. Free downloads are limited daily. You can also download directly through the Telegram Bot. Configuration Tutorial
  • LoreFree - Decentralized Free eBook Sharing Community: Recommended. It has tens of thousands of books and provides three free downloads per day without logging in.
  • Highly recommended. It is a book search website with extremely fast speed. Registration and login are required. Registration page: Limited to one book download per day.
  • Book Knowledge Base: Free and no login required. Books are generally stored on Baidu Netdisk, and the download links are provided in the comments section.
  • Shuge: A public welfare website that focuses on ancient books. High-quality PDF format downloads are available for free.
  • Kanyixue: Free downloads of textbooks, related books, and video courseware in both Chinese and Western medicine. Follow their official WeChat account for access.
  • Banshujiang: Computer and programming books, mostly in PDF format.
  • BookStack: Computer and programming books.
  • Ziliaoh: Comprehensive books. Registration and login are required. Most books are free, but you must reply to get the download link.
  • Chinese Philosophy E-Texts: Online reading, well-organized.
  • Library Genesis: Highly recommended for English books. Free downloads.
  • Free eBooks | Project Gutenberg: Highly recommended for English books. Free downloads.
  • Saves time and effort, usually takes only a few minutes, costs around five yuan.

Common Search Methods#

  • When searching for books, you can include the book format, such as epub/PDF, etc.
  • Include commonly used websites, such as "Shiji"

Others (to be organized later)#

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