Forced abbreviation

I dislike abbreviations.

Note that I am referring to situations where abbreviations are used for content that could have been written out in full, due to certain reasons. Also, this is my personal preference, and I am not stating whether abbreviations are good or bad as a form.

This dislike is not directed towards any specific group itself, nor is it due to the current era, but purely towards this behavior.

Nowadays, it is almost unavoidable to encounter this behavior on various platforms. Is this a recent trend? Not really. Just look at Lu Xun's articles, where abbreviations and Roman letters representing words are everywhere.

Therefore, whenever I see sentences like this, I feel disgusted, even if it is Lu Xun.

How did he explain this behavior? -

"Harming the whole body. Do not underestimate them just because they are in the south and you are in the north, or because you don't know where they are. They can suddenly appear before your eyes, which is truly amazing."

  • Lu Xun, "Collected Works"

This was the "cross-province arrest" of that era.

Some people lost their lives because of this, and some people lost their jobs because of this. Nowadays, young people may only cancel their accounts or limit their data usage because of this.

Will I use it? Of course I will. That's the interesting part - you dislike it, but you can't completely get rid of it. But as the person writing the content, theoretically I have the right to choose not to write it. But do I really have that choice?

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