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In June, I changed companies, and since everyone in the company uses MacBook Pro for work, it prompted me to reconsider moving from Windows to Mac OS. After thinking for two days, I finally decided to order the high-end version of the MacBook Pro 2020.

The main reasons that made me hesitate for a long time are:

  1. I have been accustomed to Windows for more than ten years and I'm afraid it will be difficult to adapt to the new system.
  2. There are many excellent exclusive software on Windows.
  3. There is also an important reason: a software with emotions that is difficult to migrate - eDiary.

The reasons that ultimately led me to make the decision to order are:

  1. The company's office environment, although the company can provide computers, I have been thinking about changing computers for a long time.
  2. Using my own computer, the company can compensate a few hundred dollars per month (although it's not much, it's still acceptable).
  3. After understanding, I can use software like Wine to run Windows software on MacBook Pro. Of course, I can also install a virtual machine or dual system, but there is no need for such a big move.

Now let's get to the point and introduce this seemingly ordinary software that can deeply touch people's hearts.

1. Sufficiently Stable#

When it comes to stability, many people may think of stable operation and not easy to crash. But what we are talking about here is the stability of the service, which means that a software can provide you with services for decades. This kind of stability can be said to be a reliable sense of security.

This sense of security allows you to not worry about the software suddenly stopping or the developers suddenly running away. Especially for products that contain highly private information like diaries, stability, reliability, and security are extremely important. I looked through the development process of this software, from its birth to the maintenance of each log, it seems like watching a child grow up. (ps. The update log is at the end of the article)

2. Security#

In the Internet age, most of our data is controlled by big companies. They provide free products and services to you, and in return, they obtain your data and monetize it through advertising and other means. If your diary, which contains your inner thoughts, is also used for monetization, it is horrifying to think about.

Therefore, when choosing a diary product, one principle I have is: either it doesn't connect to the internet, or if it does, it has its own encryption measures for synchronization. After screening, there are really not many reliable options. Until I came across eDiary, a diary software that has been updated for twenty years.

At first glance, the interface looks like a product from ancient times. There are no flat icons, and the interface is almost the style and interaction of Windows from more than a decade ago. But I decided to try it because of a comment from an internet user:

I have been using it to write my diary for more than ten years.

This sentence inexplicably attracted me. Perhaps it implies that it is secure and stable enough to be recognized by internet users; perhaps it is the charm of silently writing a diary for more than ten years that is difficult to describe.

eDiary does not connect to the internet and does not upload any data. Your diary is stored locally and uses strict encryption mechanisms, so you don't have to worry about privacy leaks. As for synchronization, my solution is to store the diary data package on OneDrive, so it will automatically synchronize to the cloud after each entry, and I don't have to worry about data loss if the software crashes.

3. Highly Customizable#

You can customize various templates, which makes it convenient to insert them into each new diary entry, saving a lot of trouble. You can output elegant printing formats, set page numbers, headers, footers, etc., and the exported result is like a diary book. In the future, if I get old, I can print it out and put it on the bookshelf. In the evening, I can sit on the balcony, basking in the sun, and flipping through the past, which is truly wonderful.

4. Familiarity#

For me, a diary is an important emotional outlet. When I write several years of stories in it, it's like confiding in an old person. This is a kind and gentle old person who won't give you advice or lecture you, just silently listens. There are no advertisements, no recommendations, and no disturbances, only a quietness like tea.

In the past three years, I have written 585 diary entries, nearly 200,000 words. There are records of daily life and reflections, as well as the ups and downs of life. It can be said that this is my other spiritual home. Every time I open it, write the diary for the day, and review what happened on the same day last year, time flies like a white horse, and I can't help but feel the passage of time.

My Diary

Here is the official website of the software:

Update Log (excerpt):


eDiary (Electronic Diary) 3.3.2 has been released. (Weather issues have been fixed)


Time flies, and it has been nearly two years since the last update. This update is not significant, which may disappoint everyone. However, the new version solves several serious issues (such as weather retrieval failure, pop-up errors, etc.). In order to solve the weather retrieval issue, after multiple attempts to communicate with the original weather information provider without any response, I had to set up my own weather server.

When will the next update be? Please forgive me for not being able to provide a specific time. I am busy with work and my daughter is clingy. Please understand that I can only use fragmented time to write programs.

Due to limited energy and time, if I haven't replied to your email, please understand!

To my friends who have donated, I sincerely thank you! I will keep your names properly.


eDiary has been upgraded to version 2.53!

[See what improvements have been made] [Go to the download page]

Additional words: The website has been closed for a while, just because of time constraints. During this period, many enthusiastic users have sent emails offering free space and domain names, and even encouraged me to "cheer up". Thank you very much! Making free software, I often have the idea of terminating this "leisurely" feeling, even now. Fortunately, there has been support from many users all along. In fact, between "supporting upgrades" and "supporting for free", I prefer the former - upgrading the software, and at the same time upgrading our lives.

※ Just like before, if you have any good suggestions, please leave a message on the message board. Thank you!


Due to being busy with work like everyone else, I don't have time to upgrade eDiary in the near future. If you have any suggestions or discover new bugs, please send an email ([email protected]) to let me know. Please be sure to indicate the type of operating system, software version number, and error information in your email. Thank you!

But if you have the following questions, I will answer them publicly here and will not reply one by one:

· Why is the input speed slow? (It won't be slow on Win2000, and it will be improved in future versions.)

· Where can I download skins? (There are no skins available for download.)

· What should I do if I forget my password? (Older versions cannot be recovered, so please remember your password. Version 2.51 allows you to set a password hint question.)

I wish you all the best in work and life!


I took some time to write a component called PageList, which has a similar appearance to OutLook Bar. The complete source code is attached.


TinyDB 1.00 beta (Personal Desktop Database Engine) has been released! [Go to TinyDB homepage] >>


The color dropdown box component (TColorCbo) has been upgraded to version 1.02. See details in the "Control Workshop".


Due to personal instability in recent months, I haven't updated the homepage, and I apologize for that!


I have graduated and returned home to rest for a few days. I won't be able to reply to emails, please understand!


eDiary 1.00 beta 2 was born on October 19, 1999.

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