Typical Day

In the past, my life was not very regular. I used to sleep in until just before it was time to go to work in the morning, and then I would rush to the office. In the evenings, I would work overtime to write requirements and stay up late watching dramas. Since I started cooking, my life has become much more regular.

8:30Cook breakfast, wash up, read some news
9:40Take a taxi to work
10:00-12:00Check key data, organize plans
12:00-14:00Lunch break, rest
14:00-18:30Review/follow up on projects, do research
18:30-19:00Dinner, buy groceries
19:00-20:00Handle daily errands or leave work
20:30-23:30Chat and relax/write/study/cut vegetables
23:30-00:30Read a book, then go to sleep

Of course, this is just a typical day and not every day is the same. Although there may be some variations, the time points are not too different.

For example, in the morning, I often communicate plans and coordinate with relevant personnel. In the afternoon, there may not be a review every day. Most of the time, it's just following up on projects and communicating details with the development and testing teams.

During meal times, sometimes I eat with colleagues from the same group, and other times I eat with front-end colleagues. Different people have different topics of conversation.

My own time is mainly in the evening after work, when I put aside the day's work and start doing my own things. Sometimes I go out for a meal or watch a movie with colleagues. Most of the time, I go straight home, relax briefly, and occasionally use fitness equipment for a workout.

Compared to going out with a large group of people, I prefer to stay at home, read books, watch movies, write, or research new things. Once life becomes regular, my own time becomes more abundant because there are fewer distractions from trivial matters, allowing me to focus on things that interest me.

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