Log | 2023・6



  • The way others see you is not the real you. The way you see others is the real you. I don't remember where I read this, but this viewpoint is very similar to Stoic philosophy. Other people's opinions are not important, what matters is how you see yourself.


  • I've been reading a book recently, haven't finished it yet, but I'm addicted to it. The book is called "Arabs in Conquest and Revolution". The author has a great writing style, clear structure, and balances detail and brevity. The five centuries of history are written like a captivating story. However, I always remind myself that if history seems logical, then something must have gone wrong somewhere.


  • When reading history, you can see many interesting things. For example, during the Qing Dynasty, Western technology developed rapidly. However, when new technologies were introduced, many Chinese people opposed them because it affected their livelihoods, such as spinning and shipping technologies. This collective short-sightedness severely hindered the development and application of new technologies. Similarly, companies face similar challenges when introducing high-level talents.


  • Absolute authority often collapses from within.


  • I saw someone using a microscope to examine crayfish and found many parasites. This is actually not scary at all. What's really scary is when you can't see the parasites.


  • The pros and cons of anonymity: The benefits are obvious, as it allows for more genuine expression and has positive implications for others. The downsides are also apparent, as it amplifies the evil in human nature because people know they won't face any consequences. Of course, a well-developed platform should establish rules for anonymous speech to limit their misconduct.


  • If there are enough high-quality simulation games, combined with the development of VR/AR technology, could the business of the metaverse be realized? Humans can experience a wide range of things in simulation games without actually experiencing them, such as flying planes, going to space, and diving.


  • One of the most important roles of education is to have the ability to discern things, have an open mindset, and accept that what we have always believed may not be true.


  • Most narrative texts tend to exaggerate the sensational parts and try to make the illogical parts as logical as possible. This is extremely common in history books. Therefore, when encountering something novel and logical in writing, it is important to be discerning.


  • When borrowing money, it depends on the actual situation. Although it is said that it is better to help in emergencies than to help the poor, if you frequently help in emergencies, others will treat you as an ATM and constantly ask you for help.


  • When people are struggling to survive, innocent lives are wasted. It is interesting no matter how you interpret it.


  • We are very keen on pursuing the "most" in certain areas, but in the field of advertising, we are very active in punishing the "most".


  • Once you accelerate, even the smallest mistakes will be magnified. This is true for driving at high speeds and also for life on the internet.
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