Log | 2023・5



  • Steve Jobs on company marketing: The essence of marketing is the output of values. He used Nike as an example, saying that it is a company that sells shoes, but their advertisements do not talk about the quality of the shoes, but instead highlight the tribute to great athletes and great sports. Apple is the same. Although they sell a box that completes work, they pay tribute to those who aspire to change the world and provide tools for them.


  • Encouraging whistleblowing is often a sign of lack of confidence by those in power.


  • Once the economy is bad, industries that rely on physical labor, such as food delivery and express delivery, will quickly become saturated.


  • It is very primitive to focus only on eating. It is even more low-level to showcase oneself through luxurious food.


  • Many people tend to categorize investments into two types: long-term value investments and current "speculation". The former is often praised while the latter is often criticized, to the point that when someone is not engaged in long-term investments, they are assumed to be engaged in speculation. However, those who truly focus on current investments also require exceptional wisdom. They not only need to have firsthand information but also accurately analyze it and make quick decisions. This is not a simple task. In other words, it is also a business that requires a businessperson's perspective, knowing when to enter and when to exit.


  • Adding the word "new" to everything does not make it new.


  • A long time ago, Na Ying had a highly acclaimed Weibo post: "The most annoying people are those who pretend to be cool." I strongly agree. In addition, I am particularly annoyed by people who don't understand but still express their opinions, as they are simply creating garbage in the world.


  • Today, a friend said that during his resignation period, he plans to go on a long-distance bike ride to Chongqing. I admire his courage, as I once had similar thoughts. Unfortunately, after starting work, I no longer have vacation time, and after starting a family, I have responsibilities, so these thoughts have been temporarily buried. If continuing with life means hiding oneself, it is truly a sad thing.


  • Wise people can discuss principles, ordinary people can talk about history and events, and those with limited knowledge and insight judge others based on personal qualities.


  • The main problem faced by some so-called high-tech companies in China is how to shell without being discovered by savvy netizens.
  • The current reading habit is to first understand what the book is about, then understand the author's thoughts and incorporate them into one's own insights. Therefore, I don't take notes while reading, as it disrupts the rhythm of reading. Good books are worth reading again, and making notes at that time will be more profound. If it's not a good book, there's no need to read it a second time, so why take notes?


  • It turns out that Lu Xun's quote "There was no road, but when many people walk, a road is formed" originated from Zhuangzi's "The Dao is formed by walking, things are called into being".


  • The prayer of serenity and the "two-fold control" proposed by Epictetus are very similar. Both use reason to distinguish what can be changed from what cannot be changed, and focus on the things that can be changed, accepting the things that cannot be changed, and finding inner peace.


  • Greek Stoicism emphasizes learning logic first, then physics, and finally ethics. Why? It is easy to understand with a metaphor: Stoic philosophy is like fertile land, logic is the fence, ethics is the crop, and physics is the soil.


  • I used to think that "getting close to your enemies" mentioned in "The Godfather" means knowing yourself and your enemies. Recently, I read an angle mentioned by Antisthenes that enlightened me: pay attention to your enemies because they are the first to discover your mistakes.


  • We need technology to create more wealth, and we need policies to distribute this wealth fairly.
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