Log | 2023・4



  • In areas that you don't understand, it's better to remain silent rather than giving random opinions. Such opinions won't make you appear innocent or sincere, but rather brainless.


  • World Book Day, humans are looking at their phones while artificial intelligence is reading books.
  • "If you enjoy reading, there's nothing remarkable about it. If you don't enjoy reading, there's nothing wrong with it either. It's already impressive for a person to clearly know what they don't like, and if they further know what they like and spend some time on it, that's already good. Most people actually waste their time on joining the crowd, but aren't they happy?"


  • I have been accompanying someone in the hospital recently and wanted to read some light and pleasant books to adjust my mood, but I realized that my reading list doesn't have such books.
  • The Qing government controlled the thoughts of scholars through the imperial examination system and controlled the thoughts of villagers through village preaching.


  • Guo Degang once said: "When it comes to other people's matters, you can exaggerate as much as you want and it's fine; when it comes to your own matters, even if it's serious, you have to say it's fine." I'll modify it a bit: "When it comes to other people's matters, you can exaggerate as much as you want; when it comes to your own matters, even if it's serious, don't say it's fine."
  • Musk's starship launch reflects the weakness of domestic media. There was almost no news before the launch, but once it failed, all the news came out.


  • For future generations, foolish ancestors are a heavy burden.


  • When running a marathon, you shouldn't stop unless it's absolutely necessary, just like doing many things. Once you stop, it's difficult to start again.


  • When observing the Qing Dynasty's baojia system or lijia system, the person in charge is in an awkward position. If this person is selected from honest villagers, they will most likely become victims of the yamen; if the person in charge is selected from ruffians and villains, then the villagers become the victims - either becoming victims themselves or letting the common people become victims.


  • Thoughts on Qingming Festival: As ancestors increase in number, the number of graves that descendants need to sweep will also increase. How can they finish sweeping them all?


  • In the context of product growth, there's a saying: "Where there is a process, there will be loss." When reading "Local Governments in the Qing Dynasty," it reflects: "Where there is a procedure, there will be exploitation."
  • A classic behavior that harms others for personal gain: using "save to XXX" in the comments section of social media platforms.


  • It's important to speak according to the environment. During Qingming Festival, a group of distant relatives who rarely gather together inevitably talk about personal topics. At this time, if you only speak from your own perspective, it's difficult to communicate effectively. For example, if someone from the city says, "I often lift weights and don't mind the fatigue," people from the village might understand it as this person randomly lifting a piece of iron for no reason.


  • "Local Governments in the Qing Dynasty" mentions an interesting thing: Qing officials who commit public crimes are punished less severely compared to those who commit private crimes because private crimes indicate a personal moral decline, hence the punishment is heavier. Recently, Pinduoduo maliciously exploited system vulnerabilities for profit, and this proactive malicious behavior can be understood as a "private crime".
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