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Read "How to Read a Book". Although Cao Juren's satire in this paragraph is rough, it also shows his profound observation of reality. I remembered the three old masters in "Southern Grocery Store".

Middle-aged people have an advantage, as they will be consulted for their experiences. There is an old handyman who is good at wiping oil, an old tailor who is good at stealing fabric, an old bureaucrat who is good at scraping and brushing, and an old politician who is good at mischief. These are all things that beginners admire and have to seek advice for. #quote


There has been almost no improvement in the past century...

There is a major problem in our society, that is, people who have left school to pursue a career seem to have given up on reading. In this way, most college students and overseas students use schools as a stepping stone, and schools are equivalent to imperial examinations. #quote


Read "How to Read a Book". Fu Donghua's experience of reading. He mentioned that after he was admitted to Nanyang Public School (now Jiaotong University), he would borrow a large number of books from the library every few days. His way of reading is to quickly read the general content of the book and then organize the structure. As he said, observe the terrain from the top of the mountain first, and then walk the path down the mountain so as not to get lost. This coincides with Feng Zikai's statement of first understanding the general direction and then delving into the details.

Read the blog: The reading atmosphere in this Chinese teacher's family is really admirable. She loves reading and has also inspired her daughter to read. Even as a young child, she has already read hundreds of books, covering ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, which amazes me. Reading too many literary books may lead to being immersed in literature and not paying as much attention to science. Her answer is "The world is rational, but understanding the world is emotional." How wonderful. #quote #Blog


Cheng Yi said, "Learning originates from thinking." Hu Shi said, "Learning originates from thinking, and thinking arises from doubt." It makes sense to say that learning should be based on doubt (purpose).

Mutual Treasure has stopped operating, mainly because it gradually formed a vicious cycle: low-risk people who participated found that the benefits did not outweigh the costs and gradually withdrew, resulting in an increase in the proportion of high-risk people among all Mutual Treasure users, which in turn led to an increase in the sharing amount, further forcing lower-risk people to leave.


Recently, I changed all my devices' mode to the default "Light" mode, and suddenly felt a sense of clarity. Dark mode is cool sometimes, but it can be quite straining on the eyes.


Lu Xun mentioned in "Flipping Through" that foreign books either have no translations or have errors and deletions. Then he criticized that if deletions are necessary, they should be declared; otherwise, they should be translated in their entirety, considering the authors and readers. Nearly a hundred years have passed, and such things are still happening.


Read "How to Read a Book". There are three levels of reading: the first level is to read with confusion, so one should be humble and seek knowledge; the second level is to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the author; the third level is to have a debate like the Hua Mountain Swordsmanship, which is already a research-oriented reading.

Since I'm here, I might as well go all out... a classic example of sunk cost!


Read the shareholder letter from Bezos: 2014 Marketplace, Prime, and AWS. Bezos summarized the four characteristics that a good business product should have: customers love it, it can scale to a very large size, it has a strong return on capital, and it is sustainable. In summary, it needs to have a market and be of a large scale; it needs to make money and continue to make money.


Watched a fast food commentary film. If you only watch it for the sake of conversation, not only are you letting down the people involved in the film production, but also your friends who are discussing it with you. More importantly, you are letting yourself down.


Read "The Return of the Condor Heroes". Compared to some of the previous works, it lacks a lot of the vendettas in the martial arts world and is full of miscellaneous love and psychological descriptions, which is not as enjoyable.


Many scandals involving public figures can be summed up with Principal Wang's words: Money was not negotiated.


I like "Attack on Titan", not only because of its grand theme, but also because of its perfect execution of foreshadowing. I like this kind of rigor and seamless integration.

Guilin Xi Gua Shuang saved me! I had mouth ulcers for several days, but applying Xi Gua Shuang once relieved it a lot.


Today I learned about a relatively well-documented and authentic UFO event: the 1628 incident. In addition to the three eyewitnesses, ground radar also detected unidentified flying objects, and the time matched the descriptions of the three crew members, so it seems quite real, as it is difficult to fake. In addition, Area 51 in the United States has also been opened, with the coordinates: 37.24804, -115.800155.


Encouraging reporting is the lowest-cost method of governance. When people have the simplest solution, they often do not consider the most sensible solution.


Qingmang Magazine has closed down and launched a new product called Reading Room. To be honest, I haven't used Qingmang's products much because they are not suitable for me. And how can this kind of aggregated public account article model survive? Including the new product "Reading Room," what kind of existence is it?


I saw someone recommending "Dose of Addiction" and looked at the synopsis. It reminded me of "The Truth About Generic Drugs" that I read before, so I became interested. I watched the first episode, and the suspense was set up well. The small-town doctor is very responsible, reminding me of Detective Mel in "Nightmare in the East City." They are both in a small town with a semi-familiar society, and it is really distressing when something happens. Similar movies include "Pharmacist" produced by Netflix. I will watch them together later.


Every time I am subjected to strict inspections, I have to think: Are we the protected or the controlled when we have the simplest solution?


A friend asked me to help process a blurry portrait photo for printing. I used the website jpgHD to enhance the image using AI, and then used a mask to process the background. The result was quite good. However, it's a pity that jpgHD automatically beautified the elderly people... Are there any image tools that don't beautify?


Read 020-Reading/"2001: A Space Odyssey". Even though the highly developed artificial intelligence HAL9000 seems invincible, it is still powerless in front of the humans who created it. Similarly, humans inspired by the Monolith, although they have developed high technology to explore other planets, are still helpless in front of the advanced beings who placed the Monolith.


The so-called natural beauty is actually the result of artistry. Artistry means humanization and idealization.


Watched "2001: A Space Odyssey 1968". If the Monolith is an object that guides humans to explore, then could "2001: A Space Odyssey 1968" be the "Monolith" that Kubrick left for humanity?

Read "On Beauty" and talked about aesthetic sense and pleasure. After Zhu Guangqian's analysis, I suddenly realized that aesthetic sense has nothing to do with practical activities, while pleasure arises from the satisfaction of practical requirements. We often confuse these two concepts. Even psychologists like Freud are not immune, and he even believes that literature is a manifestation of sexual desire.


Watched "Interstellar" and discovered that the scientific consultant behind the movie was Kip Thorne, a well-known physicist. He also wrote a book with the same name, explaining some of the controversial plots in "Interstellar," which is quite interesting.


Read "Rational Choices in an Uncertain World". It is indeed difficult to digest theoretical books. The book talks about a judgment model called the "lens model," where the appearance is like a lens. On the left side of the lens, clues are collected and the relevance is organized. On the right side, judgments are made based on relevance and weight. In fact, many things in our lives are like this. It turns out that there are related theories.


"The Dose of Addiction" also has an incredible sense of powerlessness. DEA agent Mel's neutral attitude towards his superiors, the prosecutor facing a system full of corruption, and Phoenix's helplessness when resisting addiction...


Xu Lizhi's two lines are written quite well, one bright and one dark, depicting the helpless figure of a worker working overtime until dawn, dragging their exhausted body out of the darkness.

When the sun rises openly from the east
I secretly walk through the darkness


Whenever I am subjected to strict inspections, I have to think: Are we the protected or the controlled when we have the simplest solution?


Today, I listened to the Liang Wendao podcast in the car and once again talked about the Chen Man photography incident involving "insulting China." He introduced the concept of "stereotyping" and used the example of the male and female symbols in the restroom to illustrate it, which is very intuitive. He also mentioned the image of Fu Manchu, which reminded me of a video by Fa Tiao Zhang that I watched over the weekend, which talked about this image: The "Leader" of the Insulting China World - Fu Manchu - YouTube.


A good book is like glasses for a nearsighted person. It allows us to see what we couldn't see before and see clearly what was blurry before.

I came across a metaphor about Chinese concept stocks: There are ten birds on a tree, and one is shot dead. How many birds are left? It's so clever. It reminds me of recent news: Chinese concept stocks plummeted; Didi gave up its plan to go public in the United States and started preparations for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Read "Amazon: A Chronology". Humans and tools evolve together. While we change tools, we are also changed by them. For example, I know that a double-link can improve efficiency and help me establish connections, so I found Obsidian and started using it. But in turn, it also influences me when I edit my notes, making me constantly strive to connect past knowledge.


It is indeed not technology but something beyond technology that determines the development of technology companies.


WeChat Reading recommended a book called "A New Day." It seemed familiar, so I clicked on it and realized it was a collection of poems by Xu Lizhi. I flipped through a few pages and it reminded me of Xu Lizhi who jumped off the building.

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