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Read "Rational Choice in an Uncertain World". When making decisions, if we pay too much attention to sunk costs, it is not a rational decision. We should know that sunk costs mean that we have already lost some benefits. If we still cannot let go of these sunk costs during decision-making, then we will lose even more in the future.


I have been following a blog by a Chinese language teacher who writes about his reading records. Today, I came across this humble sentence:

The teachers at the school are either doctors or masters, or graduates from prestigious schools, and a considerable number of them have returned from studying abroad. I, a high school graduate from the end of the last century who has never even been to Hong Kong, can teach you. Perhaps it's just because I have read a thousand more books than other teachers.


Finished reading "Talking about Beauty". The quality is very high. In the first chapter, it talks about perspectives. Different people from different fields will draw different conclusions when looking at the same thing. This is because when a person faces something, they will bring in subjective factors to a greater or lesser extent. For example, in the novel "The White Tower," Fumio Saijo and Shuji Riken are seen differently by their superiors. In the eyes of the patients, Saijo disregards human life, while Riken is a compassionate doctor. In fact, neither of them is absolutely right or wrong. Different perspectives naturally lead to different conclusions.


Excellent tool designers have profound insights into problems. As tool users, we should learn to think from the perspective of the designers.


Map real-world problems to a model that can be understood by ordinary people.


Most people can endure the hardships of life, but they cannot endure the hardships of learning. After entering society, we realize that although it sounds like a cliché, it is true.

If you firmly do something and attract ridicule, don't stop because of it. Instead, use the ridicule of others as a tool to improve yourself, because "pessimists are always right, optimists move forward."


The so-called user tags are descriptions of certain dimensional characteristics of users.

Violence can be seen differently from different perspectives. Some people may think that violence is the last refuge of the weak, while others may think that violence is the most fundamental force in human society.


Started reading "The Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain". Compared to other novels by Jin Yong that are hundreds of thousands of words long, this one, which is only one-tenth the length, should be a quick read.

Also reading "Records of the Grand Historian" alongside. People who like Jin Yong's novels probably also like "Records of the Grand Historian." In my opinion, the latter is even more interesting than martial arts novels. After all, reality is always more magical than fiction. (Although "Records of the Grand Historian" may not all be historical facts)


If you place your hopes on others, be prepared for disappointment.


When it comes to history, we should not only know "what history is," but also care about "what history is not." This reminds me of what Dong Ge said in a podcast about his modern history assignment. His history teacher once told him a profound sentence: If a certain period of history seems logical and smooth, then we should be particularly careful because it is probably not true.


Reading "Six Gods and Leilei Read Jin Yong". This book provides me with another perspective to look at the characters and plots in Jin Yong's martial arts novels. Leilei is not simply interpreting the characters, but using martial arts characters to tell stories about our daily lives.


In "The Yellow Sea," Kim Joon-nam, in a lonely and helpless situation, finds solace in the Yellow Sea. Just like the people of Yanbian, they cannot integrate into China, nor are they well-received by South Korea.


If someone is willing to pay, it is the most direct proof that a product is valuable. As Konosuke Matsushita said, if a product cannot make a profit, it is a crime because it wastes human and material resources that could have been used for more meaningful things.


Whether the revival of RSS is successful or not, it is still just a tool. The important thing is how we view it and how we use it when knowledge and information become consumerist objects. We are too easily satisfied with "knowing" and forget to question "worthiness," explore "stopping," and reflect on "wisdom." If we focus on these more important questions, the tool debate is actually not as important as we imagine.


The anime "Ranking of Kings" has a high rating, but after watching a few episodes, I found that it didn't resonate with me. Perhaps this kind of anime about love, kindness, and growth is not suitable for me. I prefer themes like "Attack on Titan" that are macroscopic and have a bit of suspense.


Do your job well first, then do what you can to do "good things."

In the past few decades, under the land finance system, real estate companies borrowed money by acquiring land. Now, various new energy technology companies borrow money using carbon emission quotas. It is an era of companies, and companies are gifts from the times.


In the novel "The Southern Store," there is a sense of fireworks in Jiangnan and dark descriptions of the officialdom. The fireworks are "flavorful," and the descriptions of the officialdom are "neither salty nor light." But overall, it is still worth reading.


@Qian Zhongshu: Prejudice can be seen as a vacation for the mind. It is a daily routine for those without thoughts and a Sunday entertainment for those with thoughts. Summed up well.


@Christopher Nolan: Movies are manipulation. Now, live streamers are also masters of manipulating audience emotions. Watching live shopping broadcasts is more of a passive guidance, while regular text and images give users more autonomy.

@Francis Bacon: Reading makes a full man, conversation makes a quick man, and writing and note-taking make an exact man. His words resonate with me.


It turns out that the cooking process of meat produces the Maillard reaction, which creates a unique and appealing taste. This is one of the reasons why people like to eat meat.

To guide users to generate specific behaviors, consider whether the user has motivation, ability, and triggering conditions.

Fogg said that human behavior consists of motivation, ability, and triggering conditions. Behavior will only occur when all three are satisfied at the same time. This can be simplified as B=MAT, where B is behavior, M is motivation, A is ability, and T is triggers.


Content is valuable but also risky. Today, I witnessed this again—helpless due to punishment.

Telegram has started pushing ads in channels, but the approach doesn't seem as cool.


Lifestyle is about people. People create lifestyles. When a product can make users think of it when they are in a certain scene or want to live a certain lifestyle, it means that the product's positioning and content are very well done. Thoughts on community products.

Reading "The Amazon Chronicles". In the early days, Amazon was always losing money, but they were not in a hurry to make a profit. Instead, they aimed to gain market share to achieve economies of scale. Jeff Bezos also had a long-term vision and pursued long-term benefits.


The challenges in the catering industry are: too many choices for consumers and low barriers to entry, which are the reasons for intense competition in this industry.

The content of social platforms is the most valuable part and also the biggest uncertainty, which cannot be ignored as a risk.


The body of a girl who went for a morning run in the park was found. It is said that her clothes were disheveled and she had injuries. It reminds me of a saying: Don't risk your own life to gamble on the goodness or wickedness of others.

The first snowfall in Beijing in 2021 came earlier than usual. Before I had a chance to appreciate the beauty of autumn, it was almost completely destroyed by heavy snow.

An interesting saying about internet games: Free players play the game, and paying players play the free players.


Reading "The Amazon Chronicles". In the early days, Amazon was losing money, but they were not in a hurry to make a profit. Instead, they aimed to gain market share to achieve economies of scale. Jeff Bezos also had a long-term vision and pursued long-term benefits.


Data analysis should bring value, both by increasing revenue and reducing costs. Data that is not related to benefits is not worth analyzing.

Entrepreneurship is a path to achieve a goal, not a result. Many people treat entrepreneurship as a result to pursue.


Non-fiction should be read because it helps us understand the reality of the world. Novels should also be read because they immerse us in the imagination depicted by words.


Colleague: What do you usually do on your commute?
Me: If I don't want to think, I listen to podcasts; if I want to think, I listen to music.

Reading "The Amazon Chronicles". In the early days, Amazon was losing money, but they were not in a hurry to make a profit. Instead, they aimed to gain market share to achieve economies of scale. Jeff Bezos also had a long-term vision and pursued long-term benefits.


Diplomacy is an extension of domestic affairs, and the imbalance in foreign trade is also an extension of internal structural imbalance.


More than 2,000 counties in China accommodate over 50% of the country's students. The education of these students is related to the future face of society.

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