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Listen to the podcast: "Before the End of the World, Let's Work Hard Again" | News Lab 16: Movies that Capitalism Produces to Resist Capitalism, but in the End, Capitalism Benefits.


Watched "Attack on Titan". Kenny's last words: Everyone is a slave to something.


The best advice I received in college was, "Find the best teachers, take all their classes, no matter what they are." This advice also applies to the internet.
—David Perell


Tags should serve two purposes: target audience and characteristics. The former selects the audience, while the latter uses characteristics to reach them accurately.

Arrogance comes from ignorance, anger comes from incompetence.


The person who invented flexible working hours is garbage: people are not machines. I can't say that if I don't eat for three days, eating eight bowls at once is equivalent to saving one bowl of rice. I can't say that if I don't sleep for two days, sleeping for seventeen hours means I slept an extra hour. Eat today's meal today, sleep tonight's sleep tonight. The exhaustion of this week cannot be dispelled, and taking an extra day off next week will not help.


Reading "Records of the Grand Historian". Duke Xiao of Qin was really dedicated to seeking talent. In his official document, he first reminisced about the glory of Duke Miao of Qin in the past, and then reflected on the shame of losing the land west of the Yellow River later. He felt the pain and sought talent to strengthen Qin, willing to share the land.

In the past, my ancestor Duke Miao ruled between Qi and Yong, cultivated virtue, practiced martial arts, pacified the chaos in eastern Jin, used the Yellow River as the boundary, conquered the Rong and Di in the west, and expanded the territory for a thousand miles. The emperor made him a count, and the feudal lords all congratulated him. He laid the foundation for future generations and was very glorious. Later, there were Li, Zao, Jian Gong, and Chu Zi who were not peaceful, and the country was troubled internally, and there was no time for external affairs. The three Jins attacked and took away the land west of the Yellow River that my late lord Duke Miao had. The feudal lords belittled Qin, and it was a great shame. When Duke Xian ascended the throne, he pacified the border, moved the capital to Liyang, and wanted to attack the east and regain the former territory of Duke Miao, and restore the laws and regulations of Duke Miao. I often think of the intentions of my late lord, and it pains my heart. If there are guests, ministers, or officials who can come up with extraordinary plans to strengthen Qin, I will respect them and share the land with them.


The love story of Yue Ling Shan in "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" is really tragic. It can be said that her love is the result of her lack of worldly experience and her maternal instinct. At the same time, she meets a man who is overwhelmed by hatred.

She doesn't not love Linghu Chong, but her environment has always been like this. Linghu Chong cannot give her new stimulation, but Lin Pingzhi can. Perhaps it is this freshness, coupled with Lin Pingzhi's projection of her father, that gradually develops their feelings in the future.


Housing prices are linked to land prices, land prices are linked to finance, finance is linked to infrastructure investment, and it goes on and on.

Enjoy the flowers when they are half bloomed, and drink wine when slightly drunk.


Reading "Records of the Grand Historian". Xuanyuan governed the five elements: the five elements are wood in spring, fire in summer, earth in late summer (June in the lunar calendar), metal in autumn, and water in winter. Governing the five elements refers to studying the changes of the four seasons and solar terms.


I increasingly feel that "simple and reliable" is the highest praise for a person or thing. Facing people or things that are not fancy, practical, and reliable, it can be considered fortunate.


A bottom-up responsible system is easy to create this state.

Compared to top-down bans, self-castration from the bottom up is the most terrifying.


Telegram supports audio in files and links, and allows quick navigation based on timestamps, just like podcasts. This is a very comfortable feature for both senders and receivers, and it is enough to surpass many products that talk about user experience all day long.


Movies: Tell a good story;
Good movies: Tell a good era;
Excellent movies: Tell a good phenomenon.

It's a pity that nowadays many movies pursue whether the box office is high enough, rather than whether the user reviews are good enough. The former can be achieved by spending money, and the latter can also be achieved by spending money to manipulate good reviews. Money rolls in, dataism.


When there is no consensus, it is most likely to cause contradictions, which can lead to arguments, especially among family members.

"Ou Jinzhong died, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief." Who the hell wrote this excellent novel opening? I don't know why I thought of a movie "The Jin Funan Murder Case".


Life is already very depressing, and watching films like "Elephant Sitting Still" makes it even worse. It's not that this kind of film is not good, but it's really better to watch less.

I think this description of the future of search is very accurate.

The future of search is not only the process of "searching" to "information" and from "asking" to "answers", but also the process of "using services" from "information" and from "answers" to "solving problems", completing the closed loop of "Searching - Knowing - Doing".
——Yin Yu

Suddenly, I realized that Jin Yong's martial arts novels have a characteristic. As the era approaches modern times, martial arts gradually weaken. From the various profound martial arts in the era of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", to the emphasis on weapons in "The Return of the Condor Heroes", and then to the mediocre martial arts in "The Deer and the Cauldron", it seems that guns will have to be used in future writings.


In "Nightmare in Dongcheng", the first episode seems very plain, but it systematically shows the relationships, personalities, and encounters of the characters in the entire small town, and then reaches a small climax at the end. This kind of layout is really powerful.


In today's society, the aversion to work has become a structural problem. Only a few people can enjoy the luxury of engaging in creative labor, while most people just endure its pain, consuming their own lives and mental health in exchange for material pursuits.


Law is a tool to maintain order.

Reading "Immersed in Affairs". There is no definition in the real world, only phenomena, only interconnected rights and responsibilities. Or according to Zhang Wuchang's words, there are only a series of contractual arrangements.

There is no clear boundary between "market" and "government" in the real world, only various combinations of interest relationships.


Don't just learn new things, think about what problems you can solve and learn with problem-solving as the guide.


Listening to the podcast "Software Matters": No. 265, "Stay Calm, Don't Report, I Plan to Tell the Stories of Japanese IT Companies for More than Ten Episodes." The host's view is that this is closely related to the belief in cause and effect in Chinese culture, which is interesting.


I have seen recommendations for the book "Immersed in Affairs" in multiple places. It is indeed a good book. The name of the book is also well chosen, being in this country, it is not good to be ignorant of how it operates.

Like to classify people into left and right, will those who like to classify things as right or wrong?


Seen a post saying that Facebook specifically uses certain algorithms to push posts that are likely to provoke anger to users, because under the influence of these posts, users are more willing to generate comments and other interactive behaviors, and they also have a willingness to consume. Isn't that despicable?

People who lack experience are prone to mistake the outcome of a game for the process of the game, and mistakenly believe that the process of the game is simple.


Excalidraw: An online drawing whiteboard tool with high aesthetics and freedom. Advanced features require payment.

Wang Xing cleared his account on Fanfou. Russian and Filipino journalists received the Nobel Peace Prize for defending freedom of speech.


FreeFileSync: A good synchronization and comparison software that supports Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Abide by precepts, concentrate the mind, and develop wisdom. This is a Buddhist term. Precepts, concentration, and wisdom correspond to the three poisons of "greed, anger, and ignorance" in people.

Precepts are not about suppressing oneself, on the contrary, observing precepts is helpful to oneself. Liang Wendao made a vivid analogy: precepts are like the foundation (precepts), with a foundation, you can build a high-rise building (concentration), and then look into the distance (wisdom).


Twitter: A backup of deleted questions and answers. Unfortunately, I don't know where the server is located. This kind of website should disappear soon, right?


Don't just make factual judgments, make fewer value judgments.


Watching "Sex Education Season 3". It feels like it's not just about sex education, but more about how to love oneself and others.


Information is not equal to knowledge, just like opinions are not equal to facts.


Do more fact judgments and fewer value judgments.


Watching "The Great Battle of Liao Shen". The command styles of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party are really different:

From now on, all the way down to the abyss, the generals will be in charge. Advance when you see emptiness, stop when you see reality. Don't underestimate the enemy just because the three armies are numerous, and don't die just because you are ordered. Don't despise people just because you are noble, and don't go against the majority just because you have a different opinion. Don't make decisions based on eloquence alone. Soldiers should not sit until the general sits, soldiers should not eat until the general eats, and they should share the same hardships. In this way, the soldiers will give their all.
——"Six Secret Teachings: Dragon Teachings: Appointing Generals"


After becoming an expert, the most fatal thing is to have a fixed mindset. Once you fall into believing only in your expertise, you will ignore other opinions and stop being curious. You may resist changes that come with your field, fearing the loss of authority. Your own judgments and opinions no longer support you, but imprison you. In "The Tower of White", Shiraki Gorou, after becoming a professor, is imprisoned by this position and can no longer tolerate any challenges from others.

Obsidian's dataview plugin is great. It basically meets the needs of a kanban board and can integrate similar content, such as to-do lists, recently edited, reading lists, etc.

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